Fake Email Telling FasteCash Users That They Have Won $1000 LR Cash

fake-mailWe recently learnt from some of our users that they received a message purported to be from us telling them that they have won $1000 LR cash. We will like to tell all our users that the mail is not from us as we are not organising any Liberty Reserve promotion or competition and we are not giving out LR cash to anybody.

Please note that this is a fake email and the link in the email is not the correct link to Liberty Reserve’s website, it leads to a phishing website that will collect your Liberty Reserve login details and password, which will be used to steal your money away from your LR account.

 Kindly delete the email immediately you see it.

Please call any of our phone number +2348027097030, +2347066142229, +2348151318447 or send email to us at admin@fastecash.com to confirm any email or program that may be coming from us.
We have also report the phishing activity and we hope the site will be blocked very soon.

Below is the copy of the fake email: (Please DO NOT respond to it!)

Subject: FASTECASH – YOU WON $1000 LR cash !

Dear Fastecash Customer,

Fastecash gives members random cash prizes.

Today, your account has been selected as the one of 10 top winners accounts who will get cash prizes from us.


Please unlock your prize following the link:http://sci.libcrtyreserve.com/?unlock=true

Please pay urgently the 0.50$ prize unlock fees. So we will know that your LR account is still alive..

After the payment you will recive in seconde the 1000 usd automatically in your account.


Please read more about Phishing here;

And also learn how to protect yourself by reading the article below;

If you detect that a site is a phishing site, you can report it to Google and it will be blocked. Here is the link to report such a site;

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