FasteCash Pay4Me Service Is Back

Yeah, it’s been a while since you heard from me and it’s been like ages for me too.

You probably read my last message which I sent in January 2022 about the downtime we experienced with our server. Though, we recovered our websites but a lot of technical issues started popping up and we have to fix each issue one after the other.

But today, I am here with good news and this will excite those that have enjoyed our service called FasteCash Pay4Me in the past and would love to have more of it.

FasteCash Pay4Me is a solution which enables us to assist people to pay for digital services and products online.  This service is still relevant today because several websites around the world don’t accept Nigerian bank issued debit cards.

Even if your Naira card is accepted on a website, the amount you are currently permitted to spend monthly on the card is limited to $100. It means, if you intend to pay $120 for an online service, you won’t be able to handle such transaction.

We earlier suspended the service for a while because it was becoming difficult for us to carry out the transactions because of different banking and payment services policies that affected our operations. But in our usual ways of resolving problems, we eventually cracked the code again.

Now, the service is back and we can help you to pay for digital products and services on Clickbank, Fiverr, Warriorplus, jvzoo and any other website that accepts PayPal.

To use the Pay4Me service, you need to register an account for free at

To learn more and take your Pay4Me order, kindly click this link.

We you like to chat with us, reach us on WhatsApp +2348027097030.



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