Finders Fee – Wealth Creating Strategy in Export Business and Other Service Sectors

Finders feeThe professional finder simply matches qualified buyers with qualified sellers. There are finder’s fees to be earned in every small town or big city, in every state and country. All you need to do is arrange matching between buyers and sellers,

put them together, and then sit back and collect your fees. Below are some of the things you will learn in this write up;

• How to use finders fee to make money in export busines
• How to source for contract online and sell to exporters for millions of naira
• How to Invite importers from foreign Countries and earn finders fee
• Tap into China booming market and earn unlimited income as finder fee
• Make 5 Million per annum by just matching Newspaper Classified with their Target Customers

Nigeria exportable products: The Federal Government raked in $2.3bn (N345bn) as proceeds from non-oil exports between January and December last year. This figure represents about 35 per cent increase when compared with $1.7bn recorded in 2009. Agricultural Export trading guarantees good returns on Capital on almost monthly basis exporting snails, cassava products, Wood charcoal, Honey, Gallstones, Bitter Kola, Cashew, Ginger, Gum arabic, Chilli pepper, Cotton cassava (chips, starch,flour,stem ), charcoal, bitterkola, coconut, okro, yam etc.

Earn finders fee as an export broker: An export broker is a match maker. Becoming an export broker is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways any prospecting exporter can raise money to go into full time export business. The advantages are enormous. Starting from a little or no capital, an export broker could earn large “finders fee” with absolutely unlimited income. There is hardly another business requiring a negligible startup cost that can put you into a six figure bracket so quickly than online-based export business. It gives one the power, prestige and high respectability in his community.

Getting started: You can start your export business at home with a telephone. You may require a file system, business card and a laptop with an internet connection, alternatively you can start with cafe. Once you get going, you may get other facilities. And you may need a classy letterhead until you establish personal contacts; it is your letterhead that represents you. Make it look professional, possibly embossed or light weighted paper for airmail correspondence. You will have a lot of domestic correspondence.

Prepare a massive mail campaign: To every prospective buyer, write a letter introducing your company, telling them that you have the named goods they want to buy (e.g. charcoal) that it meets their quality specification, that you will package according to their requirements and don’t fail to quote selling price and Payment terms acceptable.

Analyze the market: Keep yourself informed. Read everything that you can find about export business, look at trade publications, international newspapers, news magazines and financial reports. The export business is actually smaller than you might think. There are only a few of these businesses that’s why there is plenty room for more. Government agencies such as Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) are great places to find help. This agency promotes export business.

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