Free Seminar and Live Practical for Beekeeping and Fibroid Solution Awareness

Yeah, some series of activities are coming up this week and I want you to plan your schedule as not to miss any one of it, particularly, the beekeeping live practical training. If you are interested in participating in a unique agribusiness that doesn’t require much of your time or money and at the same time gives you impressive return on your investment, then you need to acquire the beekeeping simple but creative skills.

Okay, let me start by stating each one of the events accordingly to their dates.

Free Beekeeping Seminar & Fibroid Solution Awareness Talk – Wednesday, 25th April, 2018

We have been creating awareness about beekeeping since last year and we want to continue until the whole country get sensitized about the information. Why do we want the whole country to be aware of this?

Beekeeping will sustain our world. Have you read a quote attributed to the great Albert Einstein that “If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live.” Hmmh… that is profound.

Apart from that, the health and great benefits of honey being produced by bees are immesurable. Financially, beekeeping can give you some stress-free and amazingly quite income that keeps you smiling to bank frequently. It is also a great export product that is being sort for around the world.

So, there is another opportunity to meet with our expert, Engr. Giwa Waheed as he pours out his deep insight again about beekeeping, honey production and other money-making bees’ by-products this coming Wednesday, 25th April, 2018.

Click here to register.

But that is not the only thing he does. He is also an apitherapist. He has also been very helpful to a lot of women that have battled with fibroid especially those that the unwanted uterus growth has distorted their fertility.

He will also be bringing the awareness to the participants of the Wednesday free seminar. Yes, both men and women should know about fibroid as it can help our men also to help the women in their lives, their wives, daughters, sisters and other ladies around them.

Come around to learn and discover solution to fibroid. To attend, you should also register with the link below:

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MeritChoice Coop Meeting – Thursday, 26th April, 2018

We hold MertChoice Coop Meeting monthly and this Thursday, 26th is our April’s meeting. Cooperative is a great way not only to alleviate poverty but it can also be a source of financial strength and great achievement for individuals and the membership of a cooperative.

We have always ensure that our cooperative meeting is not the boring type for just money contribution, we want to make sure that every time we gather, we can also learn something new from one of our members.

Therefore, this coming Thursday, one of our great member, Cooperator Benjamin Awogbayila will be discussing with on Opportunity in Mobile Money Business. Yes, this is what he has been doing for some years now. This has helped him to operate what I could refer to as Mini-Bank for years as an individuals.

Therefore, if you are interested in becoming one of our members, join us this Thurday, 26th and plan to be a registered member.

Click this link  and register to attend.

Live Practical Trip To MeritChoice Agric Villa for Comphensive Beekeeping Training – Friday, 27th April, 2018

If you have been following me before now, you must have read that we have started beekeeping at MeritChoice Agric Villa and it is interesting for you to know that thousands of bees are already working for us producing honey. In the next 3 to 4 months from now, we will be lifting original and natural honey from the villa.

This coming Friday, 27th April, 2018, we shall be visiting the place again to install more hives at the farm and you too can join us.

We shall be showing you howto bait and invite bees into your hives. This is not another African magic; it is one of the beekeeping skills. I have said it before that if you are looking for agribusiness with little investment, non-time consuming and good return on investment, beekeeping is the answer.

You can join us for the visit and learn some wonders of nature via beekeeping.

Click this link to register for that

How To Turn Waste To Massive Fortune – Saturday, 28th April. 2018

Wastes, especially dirty and smelling ones can be irritating. In fact, it can cause an outbreak of epidemic. That is why I am feeling appalled with Lagos these days. Everywhere you go, you will see heaps of refuse. It’s like Lagos State is working towards becoming the #1 Mega Dirty City in Africa. Unlike before, Lagos is now super dirty.

But as bad as the situation is, I am seeing some big opportunity in it. Do you see what I am seeing? I see money. I know you are like, “money with dirt?” Yes o, my dear, I see super wealth.

Do you know you can turn all those dirt to something useful that can be generating income? Do you know you can generate diesel, kerosene and even petrol from the nylon, rubber, plastic and used tyres that are being dumped every where?

What of those kitchen wastes and smelly stuffs we dispose off our homes? Do you know you can turn some of those stuffs to cooking gas and you will never patronise NNPC again to buy gas to use at home?

Let me give you another shocker. If you are a farmer or agriculturist, do you know that you can produce organic fertilizer from all the waste around you and you won’t need to spend a dime on fertilizer?

This Saturday, 28th April, we will be telling you how all these are possible.

We are on a mission with this. We shall be creating massive awareness with this information too. I am looking forward to a day whereby everyone will start guiding all their waste jealously because everyone is now aware that waste is money. I hope to see a day where state’s waste management people will not see any waste to dispose because everyone is using their waste positively to generate energy and creating wealth from it.

Plan and join us on Saturday, 28th. I will be giving you more info on this soon.

Hey, don’t get carried away, kindly scroll up to register for the free seminar and training, if you have not do so.

See you soon.


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