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You Will Learn The Simple Way To Start Your Own Online Business In Nigeria Without Any Complicated Or Confusing Idea 


Thanks for subscribing to attend our next ABSOLUTELY FREE, PRACTICAL and LIVE SEMINAR.

My name is Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola, I am the Training Coach for the upcoming training and also a mentor to some thousands of Internet marketers in Nigeria.

I am presently working with some hundreds of motivated internet marketing partners across the country to bring this training to you at NO COST!

Why Should You Attend The FREE Seminar...

You may be wondering why we decided to organise a live practical seminar for you without charging a kobo when other seminar organisers charge from 15,000 to 25,000 for this type of training.

The answer is simple. We are confident in what we teach that it works and our aim is not just to train you but to deliver into your hand a business that you can run for the rest of your life whether on part time or full time basis.

We have testimonials across the nation of those that have started their own online business.

We believe if we show you how it is done, you will, without doubt, be interested in exploring the opportunity and create a better financial lifestyle for yourself.

Some few years back, I had problem with the business I started with a partner and I was practically thrown out of the business. But for my knowledge about how to use internet to promote products and services, I would have probably been drown in poverty by now.

You should take time and read my story after the seminars' schedules and location below.


Lagos FREE Internet Marketing Seminar
Thursday, 1st Febuary, 2018



  • Thursday, 1st Febuary , 2018
  • 10am


MeritChoice Office

#129, Atinuke shopping complex, Block F, Cele Bus stop Okota Road, Isolo Lagos

My Story: How I Was Thrown Out of Business and
Only Got Bailed Out Through Internet Marketing...

Let me tell you my story of how internet marketing saved me from embarrassment and joblessness.

Early in the year of 2011, the Senior Partner of my company who is also the Chairman called me and said we were not doing well with the business and wasn’t interested in going with it again. I suggested that we could still make things to work but he wasn’t ready for any further story.

By the end of February 2011, the business life was abruptly terminated. As the MD of the company, I was suddenly jobless or will I say, “business-less”. I used to have about 12 staff then, but instantly, I was on my own without a dime because money was withdrawn from all the bank accounts we had to settle clients and other things as the company dissolved.

It was a shocking moment of my life. Prior to that time, I had not experienced being thrown out of business or job in my life. I was full of anxiety. I was wondering how I would feed my family. How I will settle my regular monthly bills. My brain was literally spinning. I was desperately looking for a way out.

I ran to few of my friends to loan me money to get started again but their responses were very poor and I realized how difficult it was to get assistance when you run into financial turbulence.

Then, I remember that I still have one thing in me and that was my internet marketing knowledge and skill.  Fortunately, my laptop was not collected as part of the asset for the company’s liquidation.

Right from the corner of my home, without staff, without office, with extremely low cash at hand, I started my own online business. Then, the money started coming in trickle.

I quickly gave crash training to my wife who was still nursing our baby at home to assist with customer care service. Fast forward, two years after, I have built up the business, just from the corner of my home, without a partner and without borrowing from the bank or anybody but simply using internet as a leverage to bounce back.

The first set of staff I employed had to work from our home. Then the numbers of staff started growing from one to about five and then, I realized we needed to get an office space at that point.

Today, our staff strength has grown to ten. We have expanded our business beyond how it started.

I can’t but be grateful to God for the privilege that I had. I kept wondering what would have happened, if I don’t have internet marketing knowledge?

Having become successfully with my online business, I am now out to show to you and many others the actual method I used to start from scratch to build a thriving business in just few years.

If you have ever been confused about internet marketing business, if you have been struggling with the idea of making money online, if you are at the edge of losing hope of ever becoming financial free, if you just lost your job or you are unemployed but fortunately, you have a phone, tablet or laptop with internet connection, then, YOU should find ALL MEANS to attend my NEXT INTERNET MARKETING SEMINAR because you will learn how to use what you have to get what you want.

WAIT! How Will You Feel If You Can Probably Make Your First Online Sale Even Before The Seminar Day?

Does the statement above strike a cord in your mind?

If you are like me, I love to take advantage of opportunity as quick as possible. I am presently thinking of giving you a fast track even before the seminar day? Will you love to make your first sales online before the training day?

What of if you have discovered some of the key elements of online business and you are more prepared to engage me and my team in such a way that you will be able to hit the ground and run with your own online business?

This is going to be the best training you will be attending this year despite that it is free.

You will be learning a lot of things on how to run a successful internet marketing business. But apart from learning, I will want you to start immediately especially if you are the type that don't like to waste time because time is essential when it comes to business. That is why someone said: Time is Money!

I want to reveal to you, the ultimate secret of internet marketing. The major difference between those that are making it in the business and those that are not is in “TAKING ACTION”. As soon as you get one fantastic opportunity, you need to move immediately and you will be surprised at the massive result you will start getting.

I want to achieve something notable with you on the training day and that is why I want you to start something right NOW. Do you know it is not impossible for you to make your first online sales before the seminar day by using our already developed system that makes us and several other people money every day?

Do you know you can be around on the seminar standing in front of others giving your testimony of how you got started immediately after registering for the free internet marketing training? Do you even know that you can simply invite others to attend this upcoming seminar and then make commissions from some of the products and services they purchase through your referral link?

If you want to have that amazing experience, then, I want to quickly introduce you to my online mentorship program that is capable of giving you leverage than other people that are also attending this same upcoming free seminar with you.

It is a membership site where you will start learning about the internet marketing strategies that I have been using for the past 6 years. I will be showing you the type of products you should be promoting online, plus I will also show you how you can even make money on or before this upcoming seminar.

In short, what you will get after joining my mentorship programme is your own ONLINE BUSINESS.

It sounds unbelievable right? Are you willing to give it a trial?

You see, when you become part of my mentorship program online, you will have access to products and tools that will get you started immediately. Then, on the seminar day, it will simply be an opportunity for you and I to just consolidate on what you already know and have started.

I will be explaining the gray area to you and also show you what you should be doing. With that, you should be on your way to start creating a regular target of making ₦100k+, ₦300k+, ₦500k+  or even ₦1 million monthly.

With this arrangement, you will have:

  • Opportunity to learn about internet marketing fast
  • You will be able to ask helpful questions that will move you forward fast on the seminar
  • You are likely going to start having immediate opportunity of making money online on or before the seminar day.
  • You would have discovered the secret of how you can make some commission by simply inviting other to attend the upcoming free seminar.
  • We will simply be working together on the seminar day, setting up your automated system and consolidating on what you have learnt.

Here Are What I Want YOU To KNOW
Before the Seminar Day

  • What Internet Marketing is and How To Make Money Online

  • Products and Service You Can Market Online

  • How To Build Your Online Marketing Business

  • The Best Products You Should Start With As A Beginner

  • What You Need to Do To Make A Lot of Money Regularly Online

  • 5 Essential Elements of Online Business

  • Discover The Most Valuable Asset for Your Online Business Success

  • Why A Lot of People Fail In Online Business and How To Avoid Their Mistakes

  • Strategic Way of Becoming A Millionaire Through Internet Marketing

  • How to Regularly get High-in-Demand and Hot Selling Products that You Can Keep Promoting

  • How To Create An Automated System for Promotion of Your Product

  • How To Generate Traffic To Build Your List & Make Sales Consistently

  • How To Partner With MeritChoice To Grow Online Business Astronomically

  • and Many More....

What Are We Going To Be Doing On The Seminar Day After You Have Become Part of My Mentorship Academy?

On the seminar day, I will want to see you with your laptop and we will simply just setup your system and you should start running your online business too. I think that is a smart idea. Right?

I will like to give you access to the membership site right NOW.

We call it, the MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA) Starter Pack.

After going through this, I believe you will be highly excited even before coming to the seminar.

Apart from the main training, there are other bonuses you will have access to. You can learn from the bonuses, resell or give them away to establish relationship with your potential customers. There are also useful and helpful tools that you need for your online business at the membership area.

But essentially, both of us will be on the same page on the seminar day to work and set up your business for instant promotion.

How Will You Gain Access To The Membership Area?

You just simply need to pay a token of just ₦2,550.00 and you will be part of the Academy. This is the only online school where you start earning as you are learning. It remains the most outstanding one for internet marketing in Nigeria today.

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yes let me in

Sincerely, what you are gaining access to is more than ₦50,000.00 in value. As a matter of fact, when you login, YOU JUST GOT YOURSELF A BUSINESS.

This is my own way to help a lot of people to get started.

Please, note that your registration for MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA) is an additional programme to assist you in getting started with online business. It is NOT a mandatory condition for you to attend the upcoming FREE training though I highly recommend it based on my previous explanation.

In case you are a MEMMA Starter or Pro, member already, you DON’T  need to pay for this again. You supposed to have access to the membership area already.

Just come for the FREE seminar with your laptop and internet connection for us to setup your business and progress with your online business.

I will also be available to help you resolve any challenge that you may have at the live seminar.

But if you are yet to be a MEMMA member, I STRONGLY RECOMMEND that you join RIGHT NOW because it will GREATLY benefit you. Just click the payment button above to pay immediately or you can pay through our bank accounts below.

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After payment, send us your deposit notification:

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to any of the phone number below:

+234 802 709 7030, +234 706 614 2229, +234 815 131 8447, +234 909 990 5352.

You can also send the details to our email at admin@fastecash.com

In case you will still like to speak with us as per the training or any other thing in your mind, you can still call any of those phone numbers or send us email at the email address above.

 When you are done, it will be a beginning of a lifetime online business journey with you and me and I can assure you that it will be a great experience for you.

Finally, I will be waiting to see you on the seminar day!

To Your Success,

Training Coach,

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