FREE SEMINAR – Loan Without Collateral Plus 90 Days To One Million Naira


We had a great outing last week with the free seminar on how to get loan in Nigeria within 24 to 72 hours without collateral or guarantor. The hall was filled up and we had overflow. As a matter of fact, we have to create two sessions for the training.

Attendees were surely satisfied with what they learnt. Many people are not aware that such opportunity exists. Jumoke really did justice to the topic. But we’ve been getting calls from more persons that they want to be part of the seminar and couldn’t come for the last one.

Therefore, we are repeating the same seminar this coming Friday, 26th October, 2018 by 10am. If you missed the one at Ibadan and the last one at Lagos, don’t miss this third opportunity to be part of the training.

Register now by clicking the link below:

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We did not only tell people about getting loan but also, we explain great business opportunities that anybody can venture into to make good profit. To me, it is not enough to get loan, you must be able to pay back your loan with interest and then, still have something left for your use as proceed from the loan.

That is what is bringing about our #90DaysChallenge To One Million Naira.

Do you believe it is possible for you to make at least a million naira in the next 90 days or 3 months? It may sound like a tall dream for some people, but it is more than achievable. Doing that monthly is possible but let us consider 3 months to start with.

We will be sharing with you an idea that will help you to make one million naira within 90 days this Friday, don’t miss it.

Go and just register now by clicking the link below:
Click here

Make Money in November & December With Mini-Importation
This is the time for you to make good money with mini-importation. We are now at the months where people are going to be buying things. Some will be spending, while some will be making money. Which class do you want to be?

Everybody spends at the end of the year but it will be a fantastic idea for you to also make a lot of money too. That is why you need to be part of our mini-importation training coming up this Saturday, 27th October, 2018.

You see, this is not just about training, it is about business. We are not just teaching, we are going to be doing the business.

It is not about importing a product. Every Tom, Dick and Harry can now import. But can you sell what you import? That is the main thing. Some people have products that have been imported for years have tied down their capital.

Come and get the right information to succeed in Mini-Importation this weekend.

Look forward for details about the registration. I will soon send it across.


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