How To Generate Traffic Through Blogging

Traffic through bloggingBlogging is another fantastic way of generating traffic on the internet.

Though many people do not know about that or let’s say they don’t know about how it can be turned to a traffic generating machine.

Let’s start from the basic by asking the question, “What is blogging?”

Blogging is a way by which someone is able to add new content regularly to a part of his or her website known as a blog.

The word blog came from the words “web log”. That means, it is a kind of online journal where you can always post the log of your personal or daily activities. That was the initial purpose of blog but it wasn’t long when online users discovered that it can be a fantastic way of marketing and promoting business activities.

Note that blog is an integral part of your website. Therefore, if you have a website, you can create a blog.  That means, a part of your website which you can easily update daily and frequently. You can also have webpages on your site that you don’t want to change frequently because it has constant information you want people to see. Like About Us, Contact Us and other pages that tell visitors about your company or products.

Why Is Blogging A Traffic Generating Tool?

First, blogging is a traffic generating tool because search engines love new contents. What that means is that any time you have new content on your site, search engines like Google picks it up such that when people search for something online with some specific keywords that are used on your post, they can eventually land on your site.

This is why blogging is good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With SEO, people can easy find your site without you paying for the traffic. It is also known as organic traffic because you are getting the traffic without paying for it.

Second, with regular and new content on your blog, people will naturally return because they will be interested in your new post especially when they are getting something new and useful from it.

Third, your customers and clients will always know where to check out the latest updates from you. They now know that if they need to get any fresh information from you, they should check it out on your website therefore increasing the traffic to your site.

What Is The Attracting Factor To Your Blog?

Just like it was explained previously, you will notice that both search engine and human beings love your blog and they keep coming because of one thing and that is CONTENT.

Content is the attracting factor of blog.

That is why in blogging the statement, “Content Is King” is very true.

In as much you are able to create contents that people are interested in, you will keep getting natural or organic traffic to your blog.

What Types of Content Can You Create To Get People Coming To Your Blog?

You can post articles (texts) on your blog. You can also post video and audio. More people now watch video online these days and you may want to consider doing more of video as it keeps people glue to your blog especially if it is entertaining, interesting or benefiting.

You can click here to learn more about how to create Video Product like a Professional.

You can also post graphics or images too. Most of the time, images go with your text, video or audio because it gives expression to your content.

You can use graphic software to design and work on your images. If you don’t have the graphic design skill, you can outsource it or learn how to use Photoshop here.


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