Get Business PayPal Account and Land to Build Your House for Just N65,000

Alright, I am bringing two different opportunities to you right away as you can see from the title.

Don’t get it twisted, they are separate opportunities but I tried to capture your attention with both ideas on my title. Therefore, I will treat each after the other.

Let me start with the land matter.

Some years back, we had a vision to build a world class agricultural settlement centre. We were looking forward to a place where people that are interested in agribusiness can stay together in a cluster to execute their agribusiness and projects and be able to stay close to their farms.

We hoped to have an agri-centre that will attract people around the world and become organic farming hub in Nigeria. We mobilized some of our subscribers then and we got a lot of interest. We did some few farming too but now, we are ready to move forward with the project and achieve its ultimate goal.

If you can see the future clearly, if you believe in the power of vision and possibility, I want to strongly encourage you to be part of this now. This project is going to be for people with insight and foresight. It’s a project for those that could see how tomorrow will be from today and tap into it before it becomes too late.

Therefore, throughout this month of May, we shall be creating awareness as we prepare to continue with the project. Our organisation will be leading the individuals that are interested in becoming part of this future to build their houses and different farm projects at the proposed Nigeria #1 farm settlement centre.

Yes, you probably have heard about MeritChoice Agric Villa. That is the place we are starting to develop again. The first thing we want to start is to ensure that people start building their houses. Why are we starting with members having their homes their? We discover that if you want to succeed in farming, you need to stay close to your agribusiness projects for effective monitoring.

Of course, you may not be staying around the place every time or living their permanently, which is definitely possible if you want. Let’s say you reside in Lagos but whenever you visit your farm, you can stay there for few days to ensure proper monitoring of your projects. You may even go there over the weekend to escape the hustling and bustling of a place like Lagos.

And if you have your house around the place, you will also be eager to start your other agribusiness project. But we are also commencing piggery along the housing project. We have few of our members that are interested in starting pig farming. Don’t forget, we have started beekeeping and honey production at the same place now.

We are also ensuring that you pay as low as possible to be able to start building your house and execute your other agribusiness projects. The first plan for everyone is to start getting land to build house under the project’s real estate. Even if you don’t have an agribusiness project now, just get a land and plan to build and along, you may also want to start your own farming investment.

Therefore, land is going for just N65,000 (Sixty five thousand naira) per plot. Yes, you read it well. We want a situation that with just one million naira or less, you can have your own beautiful apartment at the place. No, we are not building huts in the place, we are getting professionals to ensure what we have there is classic and world standards.

We will be giving you more details on this shortly. Therefore, I will use this opportunity to invite you to MeritChoice ProfitReloaded Summit (MPS) this coming Saturday, 4th May, 2019 for you to learn more about our plan and how you can be a stakeholder in this project. You can also get in touch with us to make your payment because, the price won’t remain at N65,000 after a short while.

Click the link below to register for the summit.


If you ever desired to make some cool dollar online, you would have discovered that one payment system keeps coming up as the best way to receive your money and that is PayPal. Unfortunately, Nigeria can use PayPal that is almost useless for any thing because you can’t accept money with it. The only thing you can do with the PayPal account is to keep spending your money but never able to  collect.

That is not fair enough. But it is due to what some of our people have caused in the past. In fact, before now, you can’t even use PayPal at all. But today, I am happy to announce to you that we have cracked the code.

You can now get a PayPal account that now accepts payment in Nigeria without you hiding your IP address. Yes, we can get you one of such account now and you will operate it perfectly. I think you need to go right now and learn more about what you can do and how to get yours without further delay.

Click the link below for the full details.


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