Get Land for N32,000.00 Naira? Get A Flash Discount

I was on Facebook one of this day and I saw a post made by someone asking if she could get land to build house for N32,000.00.

I guess that was what she had and may be, she was having accommodation challenge and she felt like using her savings of N32,000 to start working towards having her own house.

As you could predict, some of the responses she got were not nice. Some were asking if she wants to steal the land. That reminded me of my first car experience. I desperately wanted to get a car and I had just N500k. So, I was confident that I should be able to get one good ride at that price.

But all the cars that I saw at that range were worn-out kind of cars that I won’t want to go close. I kept wondering, “shouldn’t it be possible to get a nice car at the rate of N500k? It was a saving that I did for some months and I was banking on it, that it would help me get my own ride. That was what led to my discory of a solution that eventually got me to import my first car from Japan. Though with clearing and every other thing, I spent more than N500k but at least I paid less than that to purchase the car from Japan.

Therefore, if you have hoped to get land for N32,000 like that our Facebook Sister or you even hoped to pay N20,000.00, I am afraid you may not get that but here is something close to that at MeritChoice Agric Villa. With little addition to N32,000.00, you can purchase a plot of land and it is outrightly at the rate of N66,500.00.

Everybody that knows what it means to get personal home accommodation should not let this opportunity slip off.

Okay, I also mentioned flash discount. You may be wondering what I mean by flash discount. The discount is going to be for a limited time and it is going to be for those that will like to pay through transfer, directly to our bank account.

In case you have visited the link for the land, you will see that there is a button for you to pay online. I will like you to visit the page again and you will see a bank account you can now pay to. The account name is MeritXtra Solutions.

Therefore, from today Wednesday, 15th May, 2019 till Saturday, 17th May, 2019 when we shall have the MeritChoice ProfitReloaded Summit (MPS), you will be able to pay just N65,000.00 by transfer to the account instead of N66.,500.00.

It may seem to be a small discount but that is a great save for someone buying about 10 to 12 plots.

So, click the link here now to go get the account details and make your land payment immediately.


You don’t want to miss this weekend MPS coming up on Saturday, 18th May, 2019 where we shall be sharing different opportunities. Of course, I will be talking more about MeritChoice Agric Villa and the piggery project that we are about starting.

You will be able to ask all the questions you want about the land and don’t forget, you can make you payment on or before that day and save some good cash.

Also, Sam Nebo has given us his word that he will be around for the Ultimate Facebook Marketing. If you want to know how Sam is able to sell products with Facebook and make nothing less than N10,000 to N15,000 as profit per sales, then you should not miss this event.

Sam Nebo has been making million per month from January till date. It’s become easy and simple thing for him to do. You need to come and learn from someone that has master the skill of selling a single product for as much as N25,000.00 that others are afraid to even sell for N5,000.00. It’s also amusing that his customers still come back to say thank you for selling to them.

My wife, Opeyemi is also doing fine with his Instagram and online business. She is selling all over the country and internationally. As in, she has customers in Dublin, Canada, UK, Ghana and so on. She will be revealing the secret too.

Dr. Umobong has given us his word too. He is going to be around and let you know some life important secrets about health. You will be able to do a thorough body test with him.

This is special announcement and goodnews to those that may have been battling with fibroid or if you have anyone that has that challenge or infertility problem, Dr. Umobong has discovered permanent solution to that. Please don’t operate the fibroid; he will give you a solution that will shrink the fibroid within 1 to 3 months. It has been clinically tested and the result is wowed. He will be given all the information on how that same day.

We have more things coming up this Saturday and interestingly, you are to attend for FREE. But registeration is compulsory. Kindly click the link below to register for the summit.


It’s been a great time for several people that have stuggled to get a working PayPal account that can receive money in Nigeria. Yeah, we have cracked the code and many are getting their PayPal accounts now.

If you have been online for a while and have seen juicy opportunities that can help you to make good money without leaving the comfort of your home, you will discover that PayPal is always needed.

If you have been excited that you can open PayPal account and get one from Nigeria, you would have been disappointed because a lot of the features that make it a real payment system has been removed for Nigeria users.

But now with our Business PayPal account opening service, hopes are being restored. The happy customers and PayPal owners can now do their businesses online without any hindrance.

My dear, if you have not got yours, what are you waiting for? Click the link below and grab yours:


Of recent, someone asked if is still working? I don’t know what happened and why he was asking the question. is our SMS platform. If you want to send bulk SMS that deliver for your marketing or personal use, is the solution you need.

You can make payment instantly online. To learn how to make payment, just visit this link


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