Get Quality Designers’ Wears from UK

women_dress_3It is spring time in UK and most companies are crashing goods price ridiculously so that they can make some good sales during the season. We could not resist this opportunity as we discover that you can get a highly value product for token.

Imagine getting a product that you will find in Nigeria market for N15,000.00 (Fifteen thousand naira) for just N5,000.00 (five thousand naira) including shipping? This is the time to get those designers’ shirts, dresses, shoes, skirts etc from UK at a drop jaw price.

For example, if you live in Lagos, you can visit designers’ shopping mall like Mr. Price, Woolworth, Enzo, Identity, Etam etc to compare the present price of designers stuff online with the ones that are being sold in the shops. You will notice a sharp difference in the prices.

For the first time, we shall be giving full support to those that want to buy product from UK or from any European websites. Just give us the site and we will help you take the order. You do not need to have credit card or debit card  to do that. We will buy it on your behalf and ship it down to our UK address. Shipping to UK address, most of the time, are always free. So, you may only need to pay for us to ship it down to Nigeria.

If you therefore logon to your FasteCash account, you will see that we have included Pound and Euro currency to facilitate the UK and European transactions. If you don’t have a FasteCash account,you can register one here, it is free.

Lets check some of these sites out.men_ suit_1
If you check the link below, you will get ladies’ top and shirt as low as £8.00.

Shipping Price
We can also help you to ship your products at affordable price.

Product Shipped within 7 to 13 days = £6.00/kg

Product Shipped within 3 to 5 days = £28.00/kg

You will hardly able to beat our shipping price.

Are you a smart business oriented fellow? This is time to make good profit buying from UK and reselling in Nigeria.

How to Order
1.    Fund your FasteCash account with the amount of the product you want to buy. If you don’t have FasteCash account, click here to open one. (Don’t forget to add small amount like N50 or N100 for SMS alert. This will be for your SMS alert after each transaction you made with your FasteCash account. The alert is N5.00/SMS)

2.    You can pay directly into any of our bank account, Zenith Bank or GTBank by making deposit at the banking hall or through online transfer. (Kindly check your FasteCash account for our bank account details. You can send email or call our phone numbers for the account details.)

3.    Send us deposit detail through any of our GSM numbers – 08027097030, 07066142229, 08151318447. Send it to any of the phone: i. Name of Depositor, ii. Amount Paid, iii. Teller number, iv. Bank Paid to, v. Date of Payment, vi. FasteCash account to be credited.

You can also send us notification from your FasteCash account by moving your mouse to the left menu, Transaction ==>> Deposit Notification. Fill the form and submit it. We will credit your FasteCash account immediately with the amount you pay after confirming the money from our bank. You will receive a text message on your phoneand email when the money is credited into your FasteCash account.

In case of online transfer, at the remark or purpose of transfer type in this;

Funding FasteCash Account – Username: myusername
(Replace myusername with your FasteCash username)

When we see the statement, we will credit your FasteCash account with the amount you transfer.

4.    After your FasteCash account has been credited, login to your account, move your mouse over the Pay4Me menu link at the left side of the page, then, click on Order for Product/Service.

5.    Fill the form accordingly.

To know more about how to take your order through FasteCash Pay4Me, click this link

If you are interested, fill the form below and submit it. Other details on how you can enjoy cheap products and shipping will be sent to your phone and email.

We respect your email privacy




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