Get Relatively Cheap Laptops for Personal Use or Profit

Our world had changed rapidly!

We are fast moving to electronic era where you may not see people holding writing pad or jotter again in some few years from now. For example, in my church, the number of people using mini-laptops, ipads, tablets, smart phones as bible and writing pads for jotting down message is getting on the increase than people using pen and paper jotters/pads.

There is also high demand for these electronic devices. But come to think of it, these devices are not that cheap. They are very expensive! A laptop may cost you about N70,000.00 (Seventy thousand naira) to N120,000.00 (One hundred and twenty thousand naira). That is someone else 3 to 5 months salaries.

And you see, the devices are no longer luxury, they are necessities. Just imagine how many people would have been using the devices now in Nigeria if not for the price. There is no doubt that we need cheap laptops that will be affordable by many people. One request that we often get from people that attend our seminars or come for our programme is, “can you help us to get cheaper laptop to start our online business”.I have seen people fill our feedback questionnaires as part of the assistance we should provide to help them start their online business.

We promote online business and opportunities and these people know that they need laptops or tablets to be able to do online business or take advantage of any internet opportunity.  Apart from that, students and school children now need laptops at school and home to work.

I remembered a friend of mine telling me with excitement that he will like to get a laptop for his children at home. I told him he can get one for N50,000.00 and he shouted. I asked him what happened. He said it is too expensive! “What of N40,000.00?”, I asked. He said, he just need something within N25,000.00 to N30,000.00 and it is just for his children to learn. I scratched my head because I don’t know if you can see good cheap laptops within that price in the Nigeria market, especially here in Lagos. May be he thought, since the laptop will be for children, there should be “children price” for laptop.

These regular requests motivated us to find some partners in USA and luckily enough, we have a deal to get laptop for those that are interested at a relatively cheap price. We have new, used and refurbished laptops with the help of our USA partner who are able to help in reducing the cost of shipping so that it can remain avoidable.

We have even ordered for about four used laptops and they are working fine. You know, you may not be able to compare the used laptops by those guys over there with ours in Nigeria. Used laptop in Nigeria would have reached a level that it needs to be thrown away before the owner thinks of reselling it. We are currently using two of the laptops we ordered from USA now and we are happy with the working conditions while the other two have been sold. We have not received any complain from those that bought them too.

But you see, our main business is not physical products. We deal in digital services and we don’t stock up goods. But then, we have been able to reach agreement to assist in shipping these laptops, tablets and other devices as it may be available.

The only thing is that interested individual will make a choice of what he or she wants and we will assist in taking the order and shipping it down to Nigeria for individuals that are interested.

How to Order for Your Laptop

There are different laptops with different configurations. We have some listed on this our site already. Click here to view them.

What you need to do is to make a choice of the laptop you want on our site. You will then place the order by paying for it and we will start processing the shipping from USA for you.

The way it works is that our partners help in ordering for your laptop in USA and then ship it down to Nigeria. With the help of our partners, we have been able to get a way to ship those products at a very low rate to Nigeria and that is while the price of the laptops are still relatively cheap when they get to Nigeria. If we use regular shipping service like DHL and UPS, it will become unaffordable for several persons again.

Everything that is ordered for during the week, let’s say from Monday till Friday, will be gathered together for shipping on Saturday. For example, if you place an order on Monday, the laptop will be purchased on your behalf and it will be sent to our shipper within 3 to 5 days. If the shipper gets the laptop by Friday, it means your order will be shipped along with goods that will be sent to us by Saturday. So, we will likely receive your order in Nigeria by Monday or Wednesday of the following week.

But sometimes, it may take more than a week or 2 weeks for your order to be received in Nigeria. There may be some unforeseen circumstances, but the maximum time is always around 3 weeks for any order to be delivered to us in Nigeria.

Still there may be some critical situations like the one we experienced in the month of September, when Nigeria Customs shut down Lagos port. Our shipper was smart enough not to ship our goods till normalcy was restored. Essentially, we will keep you updated about your order and we are very sure with our long time experience working with competent partners in USA you will enjoy getting product like laptops and other electronics through us with ease.

Nothing stops you from ordering today. If you will like to take your order right away, click here to start.

Receiving Your Order Here In Nigeria
When we receive your order, we will inform you about it through phone. You are not paying any other charge for the product except if we need to send it to you if you stay outside Lagos. Lagos residents can visit us on any Wednesday at 2nd Floor, Oadis Plaza CMD Road beside Caleb University, Opposite Former Ibadan-Lagos Express Toll Gate, Ketu, Lagos to collect their laptops. We can also arrange to get the product deliver at your doorstep if the local shipping fee is paid for.

For those out Lagos, the product can be shipped through inter-state tranport companies. They have relatively cheaper fee than the regular courier companies. But we also ship through courier service like Tranex because the company has better shipping rate to other ones like DHL and UPS.

The local shipping cost will be handle by the recipient of the product we are sending.

Smart Way to Get Your Personal Laptop Even If You Are On A Low Budget
Sometimes you need to think smart to acquire some things that are necessary for your progress. Money can be scarce sometimes, but it should not deny you from getting what is needful. The good news is that, no matter how “bad” the situation is, we often have times when we have some money we can quickly save for future. If you don’t save or invest the money judiciously, you would have spent it and don’t have any thing to show for it.

The plan is that you can save towards getting your desired laptop using FasteCash. What you simply want to do is to open a free FasteCash account if you don’t have one and save money into the account towards getting your laptop. You can have a saving plan of 3 weeks, one month or three month. You can then use the money to purchase the laptop or the devices you are interested in after it is completed.

By putting away the money from your hand and putting it into your FasteCash account, it will be easy for you to get what you need without much financial stress.

Become a Reseller of Laptops

Yes, you can decide to become a reseller of the laptops and other available devices that we will be presenting to you. If you decide to start the business and start ordering for more than one laptop per time, then you can get price of the laptop that we are giving at retailing price of N40,000.00 for just N35,000.00, you can get the one that goes for N34,000 at the rate of N29,000.00 and the one at the price of N32,000.00 for just N27,000.00.

If you understand the huge demand for laptop, you will not hesitate to be part of this type of business. We hope to assist and give support to those that want to become reseller.  So, if you are interested in becoming a reseller, then, fill the form below. We will personally get back to you.

First Name:
Phone Number:
Fastecash Username:
How much are you willing to invest into the business?
How many laptops are you willing to order as a start?

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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