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Our aim is to help you hit the ground and run. We want you to start getting result as fast as possible. So, there is another important point I need to let you know right away. If you have this, your journey to start making millions will be smooth and quick. Let's GO!

Get Your Own Blog To Promote Available MEMMA Hot Products and Services

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Dear Potential Online Millionaire,

Once again, I want to congratulate you for being part of our online academy. We have fantastic programs for you as you must have known now but there is one thing that is of paramount important if you are going to become exceptionally successful in online business.

You probably have heard it several time that money is in the LIST. You need a list and you need it as quick as possible.

Since we are committed to your success with this program, we are making sure that you have all the necessary details that will help you to make it faster than you can ever imagine. One of the secret to making it quick is having your own list and building it daily.

What Is Needed To Create A LIST

  • A website
  • Autoresponder
  • Opt-in page or squeeze page

Your website becomes a place where you can host your opt-in page. Opt-in page which can also be called squeeze page is a web page that is deliberately setup to collect the email addresses, phone numbers and names of those that may be interested in your offer.

There is a way we entice people to give us their contact details. Most of the time, it may be through the promise of a free gift or information that they will like to know more about.

When you are able to create this page, you send traffic to the page and then get people that are interested in what you are promoting to subscribe to your list through the opt-in page.

Your list is built as people are subscribing but you need autoresponder system which has a database feature that helps you keep all the details of the contacts you are getting.

The autoresponder has other features like email broadcast and follow up system such that you will be able to setup follow up messages for those that have subscribed to your list. Remember, most people will respond to your offer after they have seen it for 7 to 12 times.

The autoresponder helps to automate your follow up such that it keeps delivering every day without your further intervention. I have taken time to explain this to you so that you can know the important of building your list.

To get your own website, you need a domain name and hosting space. The domain name is the name you want your website to be called. Domain name is something like The domain name you want must not have been registered by anybody, that is, the domain name is still available online for you to use.

After getting your domain name and hosting space, you can build a blog on the website. A blog is still an integral part of your website but it is easy for you to manage a blog because it has what is known as Content Management System (CMS) that makes it possible for you to update your website easily.

A great example of CMS is WordPress. Though, we have several other CMS applications, but WordPress is simple and very easy to use. It can be used to build your entire website for ecommerce, blogging, sales page, opt-in page etc. So, it is what we shall be using extensively on this program.

Having given you the background of what is expected of you to succeed in this business, I want you to know that you will need a blog for this project.

Blog is another great way for you to generate traffic. Traffic is a way of getting a lot of people to visit your site, blog or opt-in page so that they can see your offer or opt-in into your list.

When you update your blog regularly with good contents, it often attracts people that are searching for such information from search engines and automatically gives you what is known as organic traffic. That is a type of traffic that comes naturally based on the contents on your blog.

Two Ways To Create Your Blog & Opt-in Pages

  • You can do it by yourself
  • We can help you build it faster

The first option always seem to have a better advantage to most newbies. It's like, "if I do it myself, I will save a lot of money that would have gone to a professional's pocket". But that is not really correct because you will be losing time especially if you don’t have previous idea of how to do it and one important thing you need to know as a business owner which we shall be training you to become is that time is money.

Interestingly, we have training on how to create a blog and opt-in pages, but the work requires expertise. If you are just a beginner, it may take you weeks of learning to successfully create your own blog and opt-in page.

The time lost will cost you money. In business, you need to understand the value of time. The longer it takes you to make back your money, especially in this industry, the easier it becomes for you to lose interest, get frustrated and lose your zeal to keep pursuing your online dream.

In fact, you should know that most of the successful and big internet marketers don’t do the technical work, they are simply entrepreneurs and business owners that are into money-making business, so, they outsource all the technical work including the sales copy and they only concentrate on selling. Unfortunately, the gurus always keep this aspect of their business away from the people while telling them to keep doing what they don't do in their business.

The second option, which is the one we will recommend for you especially if you are just starting, is really the best option because the site will be built for you by our technical team in few days. The opt-in page will be done for you and integrated to your autoresponder while your assignment is to start sending traffic to your site.

With this, you will save time and make money faster. Though, it will cost you money to build your site, but that is just the cost of starting your own business. Every business has a startup cost and what we are giving you is a business opportunity and not an income opportunity.

The difference between business and income opportunities is that business opportunity is what you can run for years that keeps giving you money, while income opportunity is a one-off time money. For example, may be you get a contract that pays you very well but after the execution of the contract, you may not have such opportunity again in your lifetime. That contract is an income opportunity and not business because you can't depend on it.

What you are into with MEMMA is a business opportunity. You therefore want to consider the economics of your decision as it relate to getting your own online system as fast as possible.

Why You Should Get Quick Help To Build Your Site

Learning is great and I will still compel you to learn how to do this even after we have created one for you. The knowledge can always be handy, though I will not advise that you should start by meddling with technical work or getting carried away by it after you have learnt how to do. You must know that your business is about marketing and selling, so you need to concentrate on thing that matters like generating traffic and making sales.

Here are my reasons why you should let us get this work done for you especially if you are a beginner who does not have the technical know-how to create blog, opt-in page, autoresponder, domain and hosting space.

  • Learning does take time. Depending on individual’s ability to cope with technical things and learn fast, it may take you at least up to 4 to 6 weeks (one and half months) to figure out how this is done and it may not be totally perfect
  • Technical work often requires your mind and takes full attention for you to do it accurately. After you are through, you need to have a mind switch to start thinking about marketing and making sales which is not always easy for beginners. You may probably be losing another 2 to 4 weeks before you can possibly start making any money, if another technical issue does not distract you again.

Let's say the work is done for you within a week, by the following week, you will be able to start with only one thing and that is to generate traffic and make sales. If you concentrate on promoting MEMMA membership program and you only make 1 sale per week, looking at a worst case scenario (this will still depend on action you have taken) by the end of one month, you might have made about 5 sales or let say, ₦12, 000.00 each and that will be a total of ₦60, 000.00. Just imagine, if you are able to make 2 sales per week, that will give you ₦120, 000.00 and the extra money is pure profit for you.

From the analysis above, you will realize that you have made back the money invested in building your website and even with potential of making extra money while the other fellow that is interested in handling the technical work is still figuring out how to make the system works effectively.

In fact, the learning becomes easier for you to understand because already you have a blog which you can refer to for full understanding and practical way of what you are learning.

Now, let's look at what will be done for you in terms of technical work to get you started as soon as possible.

What Will Be Done For You

  • 1

    Registration & Hosting of Your Site

    We will register the domain name of your choice and host the site with 500MB for a whole year.

  • 2

    Build A Professional Blog for You

    As you know, blog is very necessary for your online business. We will build a professional and great looking blog with all the important features that give you ease of use.

  • 3

    5 Articles Post on Your New Blog

    We will post 5 articles on the site for you. Though, these may not be totally new to your blog alone but it will be very relevant to your blog. You may want to re-write the articles or replace them but they will form the first set of content on your blog.

  • 4

    Opt-in Page for MEMMA Products

    MEMMA products are hot right now and many people want to be part of our programme. We will put some opt-in pages of MEMMA Products on your site such that when people subscribe, the subscribers are saved on your list while they are redirected to MEMMA sale pages to complete process of payment. With the people on your list, you can always follow them up and contact them for other promotional products.

  • 5

    Integration of Your Site with Autoresponder System

    The Opt-in page will be integrated to MagicResponder system or to any autoresponder of your choice.This gives you opportunity to manage your contacts by yourself and promote to them. This is the important turning key of your online business.

  • 6

    Installation of Powerful Tool That Will Help You To Personally Build & Maintain Your Site Without Any Programming Knowledge

    We will install a powerful tool that will help you to create blog, sale page and opt-in page like a professional without any need to learn a line of HTML code. The value of the software license alone is about N48,500.00. But you are getting it as part of the service for your blog's design and development.

  • 7

    Free Training Course On How To Creating Sales Page & Opt-in Page

    With the design and development tool we will install for you, you will be able to edit opt-in pages on your site, design new one and create sale pages for yourself. We will give you a comprehensive training that will help you to learn how to do that. You will be amazed how easy it could be to create sale page and opt-in page with the training.

Seriously, this is highly professional works packaged together as one. This is just business-in-a-box for you. If you are to do what we just stated above, it will be piece by piece and that will definitely take you a lot of time and money to put all of them together and for beginners, it is not always easy to scale through these initial highly professional part of the business without a guide.

This is a fantastic service for anyone that wants to have a leap with online business. We are even helping you to build your list. This aspect alone is what a lot of people that have been in internet marketing for years are still struggling to get.

But here you are, from the onset of your internet business, without any sweat, you are going to be building your list. List building part of this service can even be valued for more than N50,000.00 because that is where your money is.

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  • Yes, I want you to integrate my site with and autoresponder of my choice
  • Yes, I want you to install tools that will help me to continue building and maintaining the site
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You have NOTHING to lose with this service. In fact, only smart thinking person like you will go for it. Getting started and scaling up faster STRICTLY depends on the system you have! You are assured of 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our aim here is to put you on a very fast track of starting your own business. I strongly believe this is what you really want and you should go for it right away.

Please note that this service is strictly A Limited Time Offer  and it may not be available forever. A lot of technical work is involved with details and we can only provide the service for very few fortunate individuals.

Several persons are on this page going through the same information like you and taking steps. Immediately we get enough number of people we can attend to, we will put the service on hold for a while or stop it.

Service will be delivered on first come first serve. It means further delay to key into this right away is pushing you some days forward before you can get a complete system for your business.

If you really care for your business and you are serious about making it successful right from the onset, Sign in NOW and start building your own online empire.

See you soon at the membership area of MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA)

To Your Success,
Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola