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There is something I need to tell you right away before you have full access to MEMMA membership area  and I want you to take ACTION immediately because the time is tickling Already!
You have 120 Hours for this!


High Products Commission Upgrade (HPCU)

Get A Great Leverage and Make More Money


Dear ,

Having become part of MEMMA, there is another advantageous opportunity I want you to key into right away.

It is called High Products Commission Upgrade (HPCU).

High Products Commission Upgrade gives you two basic ways of making more money than what you will make with normal affiliate program. One of the benefits you will have with MEMMA is that you will have access to a lot of products you can choose from and also promote.

Most of the work has been done for you and you have the unreserved privilege of making 50% commission per sales as a normal affiliate. But, you can increase the percentage of the commission you are making from 50% to 70% by subscribing to HPCU.

Not that alone, you will have the opportunity to also benefit from all your referrals’ efforts. That is, if anyone that gets into MEMMA through you also becomes part of HPCU, he will make direct commission of 70% and indirect commission of 10% will come to you.

It means that with HPCU, 80% is actually being given out. About 2.5% to 3.5% goes to as payment fee while about 16.5% to 17.5% goes to MEMMA.

There is nothing as good as getting a financial lift through leverage. This is a form of stress less residual income that you do not work directly for but coming from some effort you have made in the past.

If you think that is all, wait again till I explain another commission from the same HPCU.

When you subscribe to HPCU before any of your referral does, you will be positioned to make 50% commission any time any of them subscribe for the upgrade too.

That means out of the N16,000.00 that your referral will pay to upgrade to this higher level of affiliate commission, you will make about N7,720.00 – N7,800.00 if the person upgrades within the 5 days grace of being part of MEMMA. If your referral delays and upgrade after the 5 days grace, then, you can make about N9,650.00 – N9,750.00 depending if the person is paying through Interwitch via FasteCash or directly through FasteCash because payment after the grace period is N20,000.00.

That makes it 3 ways of making cool and consistent money for joining the HPCU.

Don’t even contemplate of delaying, you should just upgrade right away.

You know the danger of not upgrading immediately?

If your referral upgrades before you do, you will lose the upgrade commission and the indirect 10% commission you supposed to be making from the referral forever.

You really have nothing to lose by upgrading. With just 2 of your referrals that decide to upgrade, you will get back your upgrade fee with extra cash and still be making indirect commission from them any time they makes sales.

Here is a diagram description of how the process works.

For example, if you are selling a hot product that costs N5,000.00, as an ordinary member of MEMMA who has not upgraded to get high commission, you will only make a commission of N2,500.00 for each sale that come through you.

But as high commission upgraded member, you will earn N3,500.00 instead of N2,500.00. If your referral that has upgraded also sell the same product and earn a direct commission of N3,500.00, then you will also make N500.00 which is 10% indirect commission of the same product.

It means that you are going to be making money even while you are not the one directly selling.

But if you don’t upgrade now and your referral did, you will lose the opportunity of getting upgrade commission and subsequent 10% indirect commission and that is a lifetime lost with MEMMA. You don’t really want that to happen to you.

You have good opportunity to upgrade TODAY for just:


You have 5 days grace to do that and note that the countdown is activated already. After the expiry days of grace, the price is going to be N20,000.00.

Click the button below to upgrade immediately.


To Your Success,
Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

P.S: You really need to do this now because there are several hot products you will be marketing that people are ready and willing to buy. Most of the work has been done for you; you just need to plugin to it.

P.S.S: Let me also tell you that this is the easiest way to make money online. Another great thing with this is that it also comes with a typical residual income that helps you leverage on other people effort. There is nothing as sweet as working less and earning more.


Thanks for this offer but I am not interested in upgrading now. I know I will lose a great opportunity of getting higher commission and I will need to pay as much as N4,000.00 extra after the grace period of 5 days. Kindly let me into the membership area.