How To Become A Millionaire in Less Than A Year Even If You Are Presently FLAT Broke And Hardly Able To Pay Your Bills

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My Dear Potential Millionaire,

I may not really know how you got here but there is something extremely fascinating about your presence on this page, it seems the universe has chosen you to be the next Millionaire!

No, this is not about lottery, lotto or sweepstake, 90% of those that play lottery hardly win. In some other cases, the winner takes all. Lottery is purely a matter of luck and not everybody can be fortunate with the idea.

I am talking about genuine, legitimate and value-adding way of making real money that can give you recognition and award in your community, state or nation. Still, it is not hard or laborious work that takes all your time with overwhelming pressure that makes you age fast before you even get the millions.

It is not one-time off opportunity that cannot be repeated or duplicated. It is an ever working money making idea powered by automated system that keeps pumping hundreds of thousands of naira into your bank account every day of the week, whether you are sleeping, playing around enjoying yourself or quietly have cool time with your family. It doesn’t matter where you are per time, in as much the system is activated, you are sure of getting ₦100,000.00, ₦200,000.00, ₦400,000.00 even up to ₦1 million entering your account throughout the year.

Put Your Imagination At Work Now!
See The BIG Picture

Can you close your eyes for few seconds and imagine 10 million naira sitting down right there in your bank account. Now, tell me, how positively can such amount of money affect your life?

Will you be buying that your dream car? Will you build that duplex or mansion and provide shelter for your family? Will you go for that vacation and fulfill your childhood dream?

May be, your interest has always been to contribute generously to a cause or charity that is so dear to you? Will you be able to acquire that level of education that you have always desire? Will it give you opportunity to pay all your heart-troubling debt and be financially free for life?

The great book says, money answers all things.

Money is a means of exchanging values, when you have it; it definitely increases the value of your life. Money is what everybody needs but billions of people on the face of earth don’t have enough of it. Do you know that less than 20% of the people on earth are controlling the 80% of the money and resources in this world while more than 80% are struggling to live above poverty and average life?

What is it that the millionaire and billionaires know that keep them in stupendous wealth almost forever that the majority don’t know? How is it possible to move from the crowd and become outstanding and successful?

My dear friend, are you really READY to become a lifetime Millionaire? Are you ready to get the secret and have a better life than what you are presently experiencing?

Tighten your seat belt and be set as I reveal the secret that will take you from zero account balance to multi-million account balance.

The Secret of Making It Faster & Bigger  REVEALED!

You are probably wondering what you will be doing to get the money. Yes, there are several business models but the one I am about to introduce to you is unique.

It is not new; in fact, I can bet that you know about it already. You might have even tried it out but it never gives you the desired result. It might have even frustrated you in the past, but the problem is that you didn’t really know exactly how it works.

Let me give you a brief description of how the system will help you to continuously generate a lot of money with little or no effort on your part after setting it up.

It is like a musician getting to studio to record his songs. He could take him hours, days, week or even months of working on the music, being in studio or video location to bring out his album. But after that initial work that produces hit songs for him, he is made. His music is played all over the world. He becomes a celebrity and he is even given presidential welcome in some country. What he did that gave him breakthrough was done once, but that single act keeps giving him accolades and creating positive spiral effect in his life.

Except you are extremely talented, you may not make it if you try to become a musician because of the opportunity it can bring when you become successful as one. But with this program, you don’t need talent and you are not expected to be a fantastic smart individual before you can plug into it and start making your returns too.

What you are about to use to step into this abundance of financial freedom is known as Internet Marketing Business.

Yes, you must have heard about that income opportunity before now and probably participated or still in it. If you have not make any money in the online business after some so called internet marketing gurus have promised you heaven and earth, you might have come to the point of despair where you want to dismiss any thing that has to do with internet marketing as a scam or another skim to collect your hard earn money. But WAIT! You need to know how this work.

Discover How Internet Marketing
Business Really Work

Sincerely, they have not told you the truth about internet marketing and I discovered that many people that professed to be internet marketing experts don’t even understand how it works. But I want you to know that we have great success stories of several other persons that have made it through internet marketing business all over the world. As a wise individual, you want to know and find out what they are doing.

The first thing you want to understand is that Internet has become a powerful vehicle that helped a lot of people to make it in our generations. You probably know bloggers that are now making millions to billions naira from their online activities. There are many e-commerce sites that are making millions of naira today. There are several innovative ideas online these days that have made their creators super rich. I therefore want you to know that internet has become a tool that can assist people, in fact, ordinary persons like you and I to become successful and millionaires via their online activities, services or products.

I want you to also know that there are different internet business model. One of it is blogging. But if you are to go by the way of blogging, you will probably be building your brand for the next one to two years before you can start making any meaningful amount of money. In fact, you can’t have time to be playing around. Blogging requires your involvement and you may find out that you are stuck to your laptop almost 24 by 7 to become successful as a blogger.

If you go by the way of e-commerce, then, you will need to deliver order to people. You probably need to call your customers and get to your distributors. You will need to work with courier services. You may need to ensure that product is perfectly delivered to your client. If there is a problem with the product, you have to be awake to resolve the problem or else, you will have a bad tag as an online merchant. You can make money through this online method but your profit margin will always be small because you have to consider the cost of production, distribution, delivery and some other minor unforeseen expenditures before you can declare what your profit is.

Therefore, this is not an online business model that can give you the type of money we are looking at.

The Online Business Model That Gives You The Awesome Freedom You Desire

We are looking at a model that gives you the type of financial and time freedom you desire. Just like I said about a musician that has a hit album. You are expected to work once or for few hours in a week but you keep reaping the result of your easy labour for years to come. So, what will you be doing, you may want to ask?

Yeah, like I said before, we are doing something legitimate. We are marketing what people need. They are ready and willing to pay for it. It is not something fraudulent or shady. In fact, the people will be the one begging you for it and as they are paying for the service and product, you are getting the money coming to you continuously.

It is NOT MLM; it is NOT pyramid, ponzi or social donation! But our products and services can be delivered to anybody in any part of the world with little or no human intervention. It is powered with an automated system that keeps working for you while you are not there. This is why you can keep making money even if you decide to play around for a whole day.

Let me explain the type of products we shall be selling to you. They are products that are in very high demand. Something that people are desperately looking for and they are ready and willing to pay any amount for it. Let me give you an example of how this works.

Do you remember times we do have fuel scarcity? You remember the long queues that often become the hallmark of our filling stations? At these periods, people are always desperate searching and looking everywhere for fuel to run their generators, drive their cars, power their factories engine etc. At this point, people pay double of the normal price for the fuel and sometime triple, quadruple and even more because if they don’t have the fuel, a lot of things will not work.

So, we shall be marketing products that have similar effect of scarcity that people are desperately looking for. They are ready to pay for it and even thank you for providing them the service. And as the money keeps coming in, you keep smiling to the bank and becoming richer. The internet is the vehicle we are using and automation is the engine for the implementation of the hand free services, the product we shall be selling is known as Opportunity Based Products.  It can also be referred to as Information Based Products.

Having said this, we know that you are probably new to this idea and we are willing to get you started as quick as possible. In this industry, knowledge is power. You need to get education and information is the key to become successful. So, we are to teach you all what you need to become a millionaire in less than one year.

Therefore, we are introducing to you…

MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA)

This is an online training school where you will be taught how to become a millionaire leveraging on internet technology to engage in a scientific marketing strategy that delivers wealth to you.

You see, to become a doctor, people go to school and study medicine, to become a lawyer people study law, to become a professional in a sector, people get education, but there is no school to become a millionaire. Several people fumble and stumble before discovering the real secret of wealth. Today, you are so fortunate because we are enrolling you into the first online millionaires’ school.  Your enrollment into MEMMA is the smartest way to not only show you how to become a millionaire but to also guide you and ensure you are one yourself.

This is not the usual theory you get from conventional schools, this is a practical approach such that you will start making money almost immediately as you start the training.

Here are some of the things you will learn at the online academy:

  • 1

    What it takes to become a millionaire and sustain the wealth forever.

    This is important because many people that become rich often lose their wealth again since they don’t understand what it takes to sustain it.

  • 2

    You will learn about how to develop the mindset of the millionaires

    You will learn how to stay positive and how to maintain your emotional intelligence that will help you to keep scaling up your cashflow

  • 3

    You will learn how to setup your own online automated system

    This will help you to keep selling high-in-demand multiple of products and services with little or no intervention from you

  • 4

    You will learn how to strategically detect and know what people are desperately looking for and profit from it

    This is a powerful key that keeps you in business. If you can constantly know what people want to buy, you won't sweat before the millions start rolling in.

  • 5

    You will get done-for-you hot selling products that are ready for sales

    With this ready-to-go products, you will simply plug into it with your sales funnel and start making fast commission of 50% to 70% plus residual income of 10%

  • 6

    You will learn how to stupendously profit from existing products/services of MEMMA

    People will literally beg you to be part of this. You’ll do little or nothing to get them and still make handsome commission from the products/services.

  • 7

    You will learn how to pull massive traffic from the internet and direct it for good cash return

    The buyers of whatever you are marketing are already online. We will show you how to get them to your squeeze page/sales page and get amazed with unbelievable sales results

  • 8

    You will learn the internet marketing processes that the gurus often use

    We will show you the dynamics of the all processes and let you know how to use the strategy to push any type of product you want to promote online.

  • 9

    You will have great leveraging opportunity by profiting from other people's effort

    The money you will be making will not only be from your direct effort but from the joint effort of some other individuals working indirectly for you.

  • 10

    You will learn a lot about the technical part of internet marketing that will enhance your work

    The knowledge will be definitely be helpful for you to successfully manage an internet marketing campaign by yourself, others or for organizations as a consultant.

You Will NEVER Have To Work Alone

One of the challenges that new internet marketers do have is lack of mentorship especially at some points when they get stuck. After struggling for a while without support or assistance from someone that knows better than them, they abandon the whole idea and move on.

So, this academy is designed to ensure that you do not work alone. I and other qualified individuals will be available to you as coaches whenever you need assistance. When you become a member, you will have direct access to me and you can ask any question and get quick support at any time you need it.

Of course, we have exclusive membership site where you will get quality education for your development. There will be videos, articles and helpful products that you can make use of.

Partnership Opportunity

Your membership will give you opportunity to partner with us to produce products/services and probably to expand your business. This aspect even worth more than N100,000.00 (one hundred thousand naira) in term of value. You will get fully details when you become a member.

More To Be Discovered

I am sure there are more benefits that you will discover when you become a member. This is a rare opportunity that is unusual in this industry. Are you ready to be part of this programme that is not only about teaching you but much more concerned about you becoming wealthy and making the real money?

Get Certified With Testimonial

We are making this to be a top notch online academy that is focused on making people genuinely rich. Because of the quality of training and expertise that people will gain from this programme, we want to make sure that anyone that is interested in obtaining certificate and testimonial as a proof of acquiring this wonderful knowledge can have something to show for it.

It may be helpful for someone to get contract or consulting job with organization or company that are interested in implementing internet marketing ideas for their services/business.

At this point as a certified internet marketing expert, you will be providing your service at premium. You are probably getting projects done with your fees in million.

The testimonial will state what you have done. In fact, you will be given the certificate after a proof that you have actually made money with the help of the academy and from the system.

We will give you the full details of this when you become a member.

What Will You Give To Become A Millionaire?

Let me ask you, how much will you be willing to pay for a great privilege that can make you a millionaire in some few months from now? ₦1 million? ₦750,000.00, ₦500,000.00, ₦250,000.00? Honestly, if you are serious about becoming super wealthy, you should be able to pay any price for an opportunity that will keep giving you ₦200,000.00, ₦400,000.00, ₦800,000.00 and ₦1 million on regular basis.

Do you know people pay several millions of dollar to buy into franchise of companies even when they have not started to make any money?

We are not even going to ask you to pay so much to enroll into the academy. You are not even going to pay ₦100,000.00. We only request that you should give a token amount of ₦25,050.00.

Yes, you read it right, just ₦25,050.00 (Twenty five naira and fifty naira only). That’s shouldn’t be too much for you to pursue a plan of financial freedom.

Today, you have opportunity to come in at that price. Very soon, the price will be increased to ₦50,000.00. Do not hesitate to be part of this today. You will ever be grateful you did.

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Our Iron-Clad Money Pay Back Guranteed!

We are so sure that you will make money when you join this MEMMA if and only if you follow the instruction we shall be giving you and participate fully in the training programme.

We believe that most people that join this programme will make money within four weeks of joining the programme if they take action. Anyone that really engages the system properly will be making millions in 3 to 6 months.

Notwithstanding, we are giving 180 days money pay back guarantee to anyone that comes into this program and he or she is unable to make a dime even after going through the training program, follow all the necessary instructions and taking the appropriate actions.

You entire money will be refunded to you without any hassle.

So, you have nothing to lose. You can try this out and get a refund after 180 days. Guaranteed!

You Have The Chance To Change Your Life TODAY!

Will you delay to take action?

Please, don’t! Don’t hesitate to be part of this. This is a great chance for you to change your life forever. To be what you want to be, to add value to your life. To achieve your lifetime fantasies, to stay out of debt, to take care of your family and be proud of who you are.

Right now, many people are seeing the page and they are taking action, if you delay, you may lose a great opportunity of being in early.

To Your Success,
Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

P.S: Immediately you join the millionaires academy, you will have opportunity to start your own plan of making back what you have spent on your academy. Following the outlined plan, you cannot fail with this programme no matter what level of success or challenges you have experienced in the past.

P.S.S:  Making money has not always been easy. But if you are looking for a less difficult way to scale up financially, I don’t know any alternative that is better than this in terms of effort and result. Your best option now is to get in and be part of it before it is too late.