How To Benefit From Crypto Market Immunity Against Coronavirus



There is cartoon video someone posted on our WhatsApp group showing three astronauts on the moon erecting the flag of United State of America. (You can watch the video above here). There is a label on each astronaut. One is the Stock Market, another is Crude Oil while the third one is Healthcare. Suddenly, a monster with the name Coronavirus jumped out from a pit close to them and started pursing the astronauts.

It caught up with each of them and it strangled them with its hands one after the other.

The monster was satisfied that it had killed all the astronaut but unknowingly to it, there is another astronaut that was able to hide beside a rock. His name is Crypto. It escaped the destruction of the Coronavirus monster.

The video is the correct picture of what is happening today. The coronavirus pandemic had affected the world economy. It seemed to have destroyed the stock market, killed the crude oil and we all know how it is strangling the health system of the advanced countries around the world.

But do you know that the crypto market seemed to be immune to the virus’ attack? One would have thought that by now bitcoin, which is the index coin would have nosedived with the current challenge around the world, instead, it is doing well and increasing in price.

It’s like the crypto market is immune to the pandemic. What does that teach us?

It is a strong indication that the currency you should work with at this time is cryptocurrency. Both Bitcoin and Ethereum with other altcoins have been steadily increasing in price lately. Also, we are still expecting this great event that nothing will stop by May 2020 which is known as bitcoin halving.

With bitcoin halving, bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies will certainly shoot to the moon in term of price. You may wake up and discover that the money you invested has been double, triple or quadruple. You may end having ten to a hundred times as return on your investment.

What should you do to be part of this? The answer is “LEARN”. You need to acquire the right knowledge and skill that can help you. There is no better time to learn than now.

If you are sitting at home observing the compulsory lockdown, this is the time to acquire cryptocurrency investing and trading skill.

In the last message I sent to you, I instructed you to register on a site that has helpful resources you can use to learn and trade online. Some people register on the site but if you have not, let me give you the link again.

After registering on the site, go to the menu on the site click or tap Ideas, then click on Asset Class and choose Cryptocurrencies.

You will be able to see what people are discussing about cryptocurrency.

Some of the discussion may be easy for you to understand and some maybe advance. But I can assure you that if you register for our online course, you will start understanding some of the terms and discussion and you can make something good out of it.


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