How to Buy Cryptocurrency Without Using Third Party or Incurring Unnecessary Charges

How to Buy Cryptocurrency Without Using Third Party or Incurring Unnecessary Charges

How to Buy Cryptocurrency Without Using Third Party or Incurring Unnecessary Charges

One of the questions I do receive from potential cryptocurrency investors or traders is, “what is the best method for them to fund their cryptocurrency asset wallet”. If someone asks that question, such a fellow certainly has some level of knowledge about cryptocurrency.

But a lot of people don’t even know anything about wallet but they too have some cryptocurrency coins – may be bitcoin or another coin introduced to them by a friend. The way it is usually done is that your friend has bitcoin and asks you to send him money through bank transfer, then he sends the bitcoin or the coin to your wallet.

For those that don’t understand what wallet means, it is a kind of virtual account to hold your crypto coins.

But what often happens is that your friend determines the price for you to get the coin. He may charge you N450 per dollar value of the coin you are buying whereas the exchange rate is just N430 to a dollar. You would need to per extra 20 naira per dollar value because you don’t know any other method to fund your wallet.

Some will visit online platforms that have those that sell and buy crypto coins. A lot of people love this because they often think they are having a good deal to choose from several individuals. This, in itself, is dangerous because you will be sending money or your crypto asset to someone you don’t know. You are at his or her mercy to get your account funded.

So, if this is a serious challenge, what is the best way to fund your cryptocurrency account?

When I started trading, I used to fund through a popular platform but later, I realised that I pay a lot of fees to get my wallet funded. Of recent, the platform we are using to trade has provided us with the easiest and cheapest way to fund.

Can you imagine that you can now buy cryptocurrency of any type using your naira directly as a Nigerian? You don’t need to use a third party. You don’t need to negotiate any price. You can just buy at the actual amount of the coin.

You can transfer money from any of your Nigerian bank accounts to buy a crypto coin. It is as simple as transferring money from GTBank to Zenith or from Zenith to UBA. No stress at all.

Not that alone, you will pay the minutest fee ever. Just imagine paying N150 (one hundred and fifty naira only) to transfer about N500,000.00 (Five hundred thousand naira) to buy cryptocurrency. Just imagine how much charges you will pay if you are to use a debit card or domiciliary account wire transfer.

The interesting part of it is that you can get all this done on your system within 5 minutes without going back and forth with anybody, neither do you need to contact a friend, reach out to any platform or any customer service person. You will simply and instantly get all these done by yourself.

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NOTE: If you are a member of our Cryptocurrency Community, I am happy to inform you that a brand new video of how to buy fund cryptocurrency trading platform has been uploaded. It is an update of the previous way of funding.

As a member, if you need further help on this, you can chat me up on our WhatsApp training forum or reach out to me personally.

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