How To Check Your Site And Blog Article For Originality Using Plagiarism Checker

how_to_check_your_blog_article_thumb269_100  Article writing is one of the best ways to promote your site and blog on the Internet.Just  having article on your site can attract people to the site through search engines, especially if the article is Search engine optimized(SEO).


Before now, it is possible to copy and post someone’s article on your website and enjoy easy traffic to your website, but these days, search engines like Google now frown at duplicated online articles and get a way to penalize the defaulters. Search engines have means to check for the originality of a post and determine who or what website post it first.

When you have a lot of duplicated online articles  posted on your site, i.e, the articles are not your original content, Google may punish you by not ranking your site. The act of copying and posting other people’s work as if it is yours is what is called Plagiarism. Though, there is a level of permission of using other people’s writing on your website if you recognize the source or the author of the article on your site.

Sometimes, it is good to make reference to the site where you copied the article from. Notwithstanding, if your site or blog have a lot of other person’s work without your site having it’s own original content, search engines may still penalize you for that. The way forward is to mix the content of your site with your original articles and other persons’ articles that are well referenced.

Though, it will be much better if you can always generate your own original content as your site will quickly become search engine delights. Some of the ways to generate original content is to outsource your articles to freelance writers. They will come up with fresh contents that you can post on your site as your own.

The other method you can use is to spin PLR articles. PLR means Private Label Right. It is an article that the writer gives you privilege to use as your own.  Most of the PLR articles come in bundle. You may have about 10, 50, 100 or thousands of articles zipped in one file sold to you.

But the challenge is that most of such articles are also sold to other persons who are also given the right to use it as their own. So, when you use such articles, it is very certain that yours is not the original except you are able to post it first online before other buyers of the articles start posting the same articles on their own sites and blog.

So, how do you know that the article written for you by a freelance writer is original and not copied from somewhere else? How do you determine that the PLR article you bought have not been posted on another site before yours? There is an online too that can help you to verify that.

The tool will show you the percentage of uniqueness of your article and it will also include link to the sites that have part of your article on their online content. With that, you can determine the originality of the article written for you by a freelance writer. The tool is called [b]Plagiarism Checker[/b] and you can access it at

When you get to the site, copy and paste the article you want to check into the text area box and click on the Check for Plagiarism button

The system goes to work to tell you the percentage of the uniqueness of your article.

For freelance writer, it is important you use this tool to check your article before submitting it to your client or customer. You can then use the information provided to re-write your article or the phrase that is not original to achieve 100% content uniqueness. The system will mark phrases that are original with green with status “Good” while phrases that already exist online will be marked with with the status “Existing (Date)”. The date in bracket will show you the date the original content was posted on line.

When you click the phrase in question, you will be taken to Google search engine to see all the sites that have the existing phrase of the article you are checking for plagiarism.


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