How To Create A Longtime Relationship With Your Bank Via CBN Loan

Due to the nature of the country we found ourselves, it is believed you must know someone or be highly connected somehow before you can get somethings.

For example, I do get this question from some of those people that are interested in getting the CBN Agribusiness Small and Medium Enterprises Investment Scheme (AGSMEIS) loan that, “do you think you don’t need to know someone or be connected to someone with high profile before you can get this type of loan in Nigeria?”

I quite understand that perception very well. It’s like a norm. But what we have now is on merit and you don’t need to know anybody before you have access to the loan. If you have a good business idea, then, you have the opportunity to access the fund without any lobby.

Let me also remind you that, under the AGSMEIS, you could have up to 7 years to pay back the loan and you have to do that via your bank. Your bank remits the principal and interest back to CBN. Invariably, this is helping you to create a long time relationship with your bank.

It meas, if you do well with your business and loan repayment of maximum of N10million that is available under scheme, you can also get more loan from your bank anytime. You will become like a privileged CBN candidate. If I want to say it in our parlace, I will say “u go bi like CBN pikin”.

If you will like to enjoy this rare privilege, you need to learn how to become part of this by attending our live training session or you can have instant access to it online.

Let me also say that you will learn more on how to get some quick loan, like N50k, N100k, N500 even up to N2 million without collateral. The ball is now in your court. No more complaining. Those that applied after getting to know about this through us have started getting called by CBN. Click the link below now to be part of it.


This coming Saturday, 13th July, 2019, we shall be giving you powerful information on how you can start generating money at will. What I mean is that, you will learn how you can decide to generate N50k, N100k, N500k any time you need it without begging or even trying to get it as loan.

This is one aspect I have mastered over time and I will be revealing to you on how you can copy the same idea and use it for yourself any time you urgently need cash.

There will be a lot of other discussions like “How You Can Be Generating Tonnes Of Sales Using Facebook”. We will also show you “How To Power Your Generator Using Cooking Gas” plus “How To Start Generating Your Own Gas for Cooking & Running Your Generator”.

There will be more things to be learnt and it is going to be free. To attend, kindly register with the link below:


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