How To Create Hand-Free Passive Income


One thing that is common to all wealthy individuals is that they all have a means of getting paid without working directly for the money.

Such income is called passive income. This is a kind of quiet money that keeps coming to you, may be on weekly, monthly or yearly basis. Nobody really knows that you are making such money because they are not seeing you jumping up and down in the name of “hustling”.

The income may be as a result of what the person has done in the past or some services rendered once but have re-occurring way of getting the initiator of the idea paid on regular basis.

Don’t you like that kind of income?

The truth is that if you are going to get wealthy, you must get a way of making money regularly without you directly involved in the operation. Each of us has 24 hours per day and don’t ever think it is by working so hard that you will suddenly become a millionaire. No, everyone in that category don’t work hard, they only work smart. They all have hand-free passive income.

So, how do you create your own hand-free passive income?

One thing you must do first is to have a system that can give you that. You may not even create the system by yourself but the system must have a way of paying you again and again.

Fortunately for you, we have created that type of system that will help you enjoy such an opportunity.

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Yes, it is embedded in MeritChoice Millionaires Mentorship Academy (MEMMA) system. Some people don’t know that the system has such a powerful way of creating hand-free passive income for them.

Let me explain how it operates.

Let say you join MEMMA as a Starter, you instantly gain access to our membership site and learn about the basics of internet marketing. Immediately after that or while you are still learning, you are expected and encouraged to start putting your knowledge into practice. If you follow through with the plan, you must make money because we have existing and fantastic testimonies of people making money already.

But your income as a MEMMA Starter is known as linear income. It means you make money based on what you do. You promote the system, you make 50% commission. You promote a product, you also make commission. If you don’t promote, nothing comes to you.

But when you upgrade to MEMMA Pro, then, the game changes. Your income goes on exponential. If you promote the system and someone comes into the system, you now have opportunity to start making money from other things the person is buying within the system.

For example, if the person gets a website from the system, you earn 20% commission and you continue to earn that in as much the fellow keeps renewing his hosting service. If the person uses MagicResponder, you also make 20% commission as the person also renews every month.

If the person buys any product within the system, you make another commission as much as 50%. Take note that this is no more your direct effort. You have worked once and you keep earning for the next one year, two years or even for 10 years in as much the fellow keeps renewing the service.

What do you think about that? And you know what, we are providing value. This is not useless service just to collect money, they are things that people genuinely need. Therefore, the possibility of people coming back for more is very high.

Therefore, it is a smart idea for you to upgrade to MEMMA Pro when you come into MEMMA. But if you are not in yet, make sure you do that with the link below.

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One of the reasons why I organize this free training is to ensure that those that still don’t understand how internet marketing works can get the full grasp of it. Our free internet seminar is not the usual low quality training just because it is not a paid one.

It is even practical based. I tell people to come with their laptops, internet connection and extension box. Right from the class, people start to do what we teach. Nobody is doing that in Nigeria yet. We are the first and that is because we genuinely want people to succeed.

Why don’t you make it a date with us this Thursday, 22nd June, 2017? You can never regret attending because it will be a good time investment for you. Even if you have started online business before, you need to get the unique concept I talk about. It is starting exactly by 10.00am. You can come 9.30am, so that you can settle down before the training starts fully.

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After joining MEMMA, the first thing you want to do is to start setting up your own system. Let me tell you the truth, there is no two ways about it. Some people say you don’t need website to succeed online, but the first thing you will notice is that they are telling you about the idea they are marketing to you through their own website. So, if you don’t need website why are they using website to reach others?

If you are already a MEMMA member, go straight and click the link below after gaining access to your membership area and get your site for just N12,050.00. This is a full blown website. You will NEVER see that anywhere in Nigeria. Click below to get started.

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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