How to Download HOT Private Label & Resell Right Products Cheaply, Set It Up And Make Average of $1000 On Monthly Basis

gbeminiyi1 Here comes another powerful seminar! And you shouldn’t miss this for any flimsy excuse, because it is extremely HOT! For some weeks now, I have been training some individuals on how to make money on Internet and it has been a whaooh! experience for them. You know what? I’ve been conducting the training absolutely FREE for them. But that is not the news yet.

The training is reaching climax now and the attendees can’t see anything else than money flowing endlessly to their bank accounts. They could literarily “smell” money. My ardent students still couldn’t believe they are getting trained for free. It’s an outright departure from what they are used to because some of them have spent thousands of money to attend seminar and workshop that yield no dividend. Some of them thought I am really crazy not to charge for the training.


Students posed with Gbeminiyi After the Class     Some of the students poised with Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola for picture after the Class

Read some of the wonderful comments of my students here;

     Comment 1: 
I am getting closer to my Cash Generator for life. Mr. Gbeminiyi is a rare and
     uncommon mentor. – Tolu Ayo, 08030602853

   Comment 2:
    I find today seminar to be an eye opener to some of the thing hidden to me 
    about list building. I commend Mr. Gbeminiyi for a very good work done.  
    – Ajao Samuel Gbenga (from Osun State), 08035447092 

   Comment 3:
   Today seminar is very useful for me and I also thank the facilitator for it. 
   – Talabi Taiwo, 08094163224

   Comment 4:
   Great! In fact, I don’t mind joining MeritChoice Entrepreneurs’ Network (MEN)
    because of what I learnt, though I still want more practical. 
    – Oke Adeola, 08027198550

  Comment 5: 
   It’s very okay and educative. I really learnt a lot. 
  – Anthony Iwuji, 08030926476

Oh! You thought that is still the big news? Not yet, my dear. 

Now, listen. From the next seminar coming on Wednesday, 2nd May, 2012, we are going on a full blown practical class where you are expected to come with your laptop and internet connection because very soon, we shall be taking the online marketing world with a storm!

After yesterday class, where I taught them about “List Building – The #1 Undisputed Ways To Start Making Money Internet” it was as if the scale fell off my students’ eyes and they could see clearly where the money has been hiding since all these days. I had it in mind to teach them about how to setup squeeze page by next week, but they know they have to get their products, package them while maximising the opportunity of setting up their squeeze pages.

We all agreed to change the topic of next week class after I checked their assignment. Oh, I didn’t tell you that they go home with practical assignment to do? Yes. Every week, there is assignment to do. It’s like your usual school’s continuous assessment assignment and they have to submit when we come to class the following week. Then, I assess what they have been able to do while telling them the next line of action.

Do you see why they are getting close to making unquantifiable amount of cash online and also offline as well? Do you ever have such privilege attending one day seminar/workshop? It’s unlikely. 

Just as I was saying, we decided to have another assignment for next week in this format;

1. Get a PLR, MRR, RR product within your target niche. (they have information on how to do this easily and cheaply)
2. Package it in your chosen format for sale (they’ve been taught about it)
3. Get a website (domain name/hosting) (they have material to use for this)
4. Build a list around using squeeze page. (they have the idea of it)
5. Look for a giveaway product in the Niche you want to target. (this is no big deal for my students)
6. Do a write up to get people to subscribe so that they can get the product.
7. Setup MagicResponder System for the collation of your list 
8. Test run it and ensures that it is working well. 
9. Place facebook advert to start building your list. 

From next week, they will actually be learning more about the whole process in a practical manner. So, you are not likely going to miss anything if you are available for the class. I will show them how and where to get fresh and latest Private Label Right (PLR), Master Resell Right (MRR), Resell Right (RR) and Giveaway products cheaply. I will show them how to put up their sales page and download page. I will teach them how to integrate it with online payment system including PayPal payment system and then give them instruction on how to start marketing their individual chosen products using surefire marketing methods. 

My idea is not just training people for training sake, you must make money and that is the essence of my time and money investment into other people’s lives. So, I will also be giving a target for each of the students to make at least $1,000.00 in a month with a monitoring system to ensure they achieve the set target. If you are not ready to make good money as much as $1,000 (one thousand dollar) and above on a monthly, you are not expected to be in the class. 

So, here is the detail of the seminar once again:

Program: ProfitPlus Class With Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola 
Topic: How to Download HOT Private Label & Resell Right Products Cheaply, Set It Up And Make Average of $1000 On Monthly Basis
Time: 10.00a.m. – 2.00p.m.
Date: Wednesday, 2nd May, 2012
Venue: Ziggies Entertainment Centre, 84/86, Basheer Shittu Avenue, Magodo GRA Phase II, Lagos.

I’ve received complaint from some of our valued users that wish to attend our regular seminars but couldn’t make it due to distance or their work. Some of you outside Lagos wish that we come to your state or probably fix the program for the weekend. We are very sorry that we may not be able to grant those requests for now.

It may not be easy to organise seminar every week or thereabout outside someone’s based state. Even organising seminar in Lagos requires a lot of planning, logistics and effort to make it work. But since we have the internet, we are working towards breaking the wall of limitation and reaching others outside Lagos and Nigeria through other possible means. We will update you as soon as our team is able to come up with a great solution. 

Meanwhile, we will try and make some of the seminar material available for purchase online. We will keep you updated.

To Your Exceptional Profit,

MD/CEO, MeritChoice Limited.


About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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