How to Get Internet Banking Service & Transfer Money to Anyone Online

Internet bankingBanking activities have become an essential part of human routines especially where financial transactions are required to be carried out.

Over the years, the duration required to perform certain banking transactions has gradually shortened as banking technology continues to improve and various advanced financial transaction systems evolve.This improvement in banking technology has led to the introduction of internet banking. Internet banking, which can also be referred to as e-banking or online banking, is a process whereby financial or banking transactions are carried out online and real time, usually without the need of contacting the bank or being physically present at the geographical location of the required bank.

Internet banking can be done from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you have internet access.

Benefits of Internet Banking

Listed below are some of the many benefits of internet banking:

1. Real time accounting monitoring.

2. Fast and easy access to your account(s) from anywhere in the world.

3. Reliable and flexible ways to manage your finances efficiently and conveniently.

4. Convenience of conducting banking transactions from your home, office or elsewhere.

5. Easy and immediate access to bank information and products.

6. Easy fund transfer between payees and recipients.

7. Uninterrupted access to your account anytime of the day or night.

With internet banking you can perform the following activities among others:

  • Check your balances, monitor transactions on your accounts and print your account statements.
  • Transfer funds (local and foreign currency) between your own accounts as well as to other beneficiaries.
  • Request, confirm and stop cheques.
  • Pay utility bills.
  • Book and pay for flights.
  • Change password and update your personal account details.

Internet Banking Service

Internet banking service is currently offered by many of the banks around us, and to enjoy the service, you are only required to have a bank account, a naira master/visa card and a hardware device called “token”.

Open an account with any of the various banks if you do not have a bank account already. It could be a savings or current account. A naira master/visa card, popularly known as the ATM (Automatic Teller Machine) card is usually issued along with a new bank account. If you have an existing bank account without the ATM card, you can just walk into the bank where you have the account and fill a form to request for your card.

Token – The token is a security device that allows safe transfer of funds locally and internationally through internet banking service or other e-channels. The device is used to generate transaction codes for third party transfers, that is, transfer of fund from one’s account to another person’s account.  The transaction codes are also used to authorize online payments when shopping online.

How to apply for internet banking service and the token– Using Guaranty Trust Bank as a case study

Internet banking service and the token are obtained through an application form.

Visit any branch of GTBank to collect the form or download it from GTBank website. Complete the form and return to the bank or email a scanned copy to

After successful application, your bank account will be activated for internet banking and your login details (user id and password) will be sent to your email. Your token will also be issued to you and profiled to your account. The token device costs N3000 (as at the time of posting this article).

If you already have your account activated for internet banking but you have not applied for the token, just follow the same procedure and fill and submit the form for the token. Your token will be issued to you without delay.

How to get started

After you have received your security or login details:

  • Go to
  • Click on login at the internet banking section on the homepage.
  • Enter your user ID and password and then click the login button.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, remember to change your initial password by selecting the ‘Personal‘ then ‘Change Password’ option from the top left menu.

It is very important to keep your security details secret at all times to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

How to use your token

To get a required transaction code from your token, just press the white button on the token and a transaction code will be generated and displayed on the token.

How to transfer money from your account to another person’s account online

You can make third party transfers from your current or savings account to any GTBank account or other banks through GTBank’s  internet banking service.

Remember you need to have your account activated for internet banking and ensure you have your token device before you can perform third party fund transfers.

Step 1

Go to and click on login at the internet banking section on the homepage as shown below:
1.home - guaranty trust bank plc - mozilla firefox_2012-10-09_16-32-39

Always access GTBank internet banking service via its official and look out for the secure gold padlock icon on the lower right corner of the page verifying the authenticity of the bank’s internet banking service.

Also, remember that your account user id and password are confidential and must not be disclosed to anyone. You must ensure that your ATM pins and internet banking passwords are kept safe.

Step 2

A security tips screen will be displayed as shown below.


Click on ‘Continue’.

Step 3

A login screen will be displayed as shown below:

3.guaranty trust bank internet banking - mozilla firefox_2012-10-09_17-00-07

Log in with your username and password.

When you are logging into your account, enter your password using the keypad displayed on the screen. This is for security purposes.

Step 4

After your successful login, a security warning screen will be displayed as shown below:

4.mozilla firefox_2012-10-09_17-07-58

Click on ‘Click here to view your Account(s)’

Step 5

Your Account Summary will be displayed as shown below:

5b.guaranty trust bank internet banking - mozilla firefox_2012-10-09_17-13-01

1. Click on ‘Self Service’ on the top left menu.

2. Click on ‘Add Service’

A Screen will be displayed as shown below, showing the various internet banking transaction services available to your account.

The services that are already marked in the attached boxes are those activated on your account while the services with empty boxes are yet to be activated for your account. You can only perform a transaction that has been activated for your account.

The screen shown below is used to update your internet banking services by adding or removing services to your account.

6.internet banking article - microsoft word_2012-10-10_15-20-05

Since our intention here is to do fund transfer to other accounts, then those services must be activated.

From the list displayed, search for the following services:

a. Transfer to any GTbank A/c

b. Transfer to other banks

If the two transfer services are already marked, you can ignore this step and go to the next step.

3. If the services are not marked, then mark them in their respective boxes and click continue.

Take note of the sentence in red – “Please Note: You require a hardware token to complete this process.” – It is for your attention.

Any transaction displaying the attention sentence requires a transaction code from your token to complete the transaction process.

After clicking on ‘Continue’ , another screen will be displayed asking you to enter the code generated from your token.

4. Press your token button to generate a transaction code.

5. Enter the code into the appropriate field and click ‘submit’.

Step 6

Transfer of fund between GTB accounts

To transfer fund from your GTB account to another person’s account within GTBank

1. Go back to your account menu

2. Click on ‘Transfer’

3. Click on ‘Transfer to any GTBank Account’

A form will be displayed as shown below:

7a.guaranty trust bank - internet banking demo - transfer to gtbank acct - mozilla _2012-10-09_17-52-51

4. Fill the form and click ‘Continue’

Another Screen will be displayed as shown below but with the details you entered:


5. Generate a transaction code from your token and enter the generated code in the appropriate field.

6. Click ‘Submit’.

The final screen will be displayed as shown below:


This indicates that your request was successfully completed.

Step 7

Transfer of fund from GTB account to an account in another bank

To transfer fund from your GTB account to an account in another bank:

Repeat step 6, but from the transfer SubMenu, select ‘Transfer to other Banks’.

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