How To Get Rid of Stage Fright

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For some people, speaking in public is something enjoyed. For others, it is a nightmare come to life. Standing before a sea of people to speak or perform in any capacity is no mean feat, especially if you are self-conscious about what you wear, how you look etc.

It is quite common to find people without any speech impediments stuttering on stage due to stage fright. It is also common place to find people on stage with well-rehearsed speeches completely forgotten.

Stage fright has caused the downfall of many a presentation that had great expectations. However, the good news is, there are a few tips that can help you deal effectively with stage fright and make you 100 percent stage fright free.

Read on and find out more.

1. Relax

Everyone present is a person who has at some point in their lives been unsure of themselves. They may all look well dressed and confident now, but they wake up with smelly breath just like you. Think to yourself, why should you be anxious that they are seated before you?

2. Tell a joke

Before you start, tell a joke that never fails to make people laugh. It will get rid of your anxiety and create a more friendly atmosphere.

3. Let your imagination run a bit wild

Imagine everyone seated dressed like clowns at a children’s party. It may seem simple and sound funny but it is quite effective.

4. Call to remembrance

Remember when you practiced the speech or performance before other people. Think that if you have done it really well before, you can do it again.

5. Talk to your friends

Talk or perform as if you are talking to old friends.

6. Get lost in your own world

Forget everyone else and get lost in your performance or speech. Think of why you are there, why you had to make the speech or why you had to perform. It was important. Make sure you pour all the passion behind the speech or performance into the presentation and come back to reality, when you hear the applause.

Stage fright hurts presentations. It ruins all your hard work.

Always remember, if you can do it anywhere else, you can do it in front of anyone.

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