How To Have And Keep Two Jobs At The Same Time


The cost of living is currently giving us a run for our money. Life has never been this challenging for anybody whether in the poorest or the most developed nations of the world. The cost of every basic commodity, for instance, food, shelter and clothing, has sky rocketed.  This fact is driving people into avenues you would have never imagined possible years ago. The phrase, “survival of the fittest” really speaks volumes about the present conditions where everyone is trying hard to  sustain the best form of life in the prevailing tough economic times.

One of the survival tactics presently employed is holding on to two jobs at the same time. Jobs are not really paying well enough for one to be able to meet all needs and wants in life. Therefore, people are diving into a second job to boost their income levels or to make use of long free hours. Juggling two jobs consecutively can be demanding and stressful, but with proper planning one can be able to do them just fine without risking both or either of the jobs.

1.  Manage your schedules and pick the right second job.

Before running into your second job, make a clear timeline of your primary jobs activities and their durations, your assigned responsibilities, your time in and time outs of the job premises. The new second job should therefore fit into your schedule without interfering with your ability to handle assigned duties and availability at your primary job.  The secondary job shifts you are taking should thus start an hour or two after the end of the primary jobs shift to provide you with time to clear up, refresh yourself and get to your second job. The second job should preferably demand less of your time and energy around twenty hours a week. When sorting out your schedules, make room and flexible routes for your personal engagements, your friends and family.

2. Delegate some of your responsibilities

Performing all the duties ascribed to both of your jobs can be tricky at times, but if you are in a position to off load some of your responsibilities, gladly do it. Assign some of your activities to your junior colleagues without overstepping your boundaries. This will not only free up some hours for your other job but also enable you mentor the junior members and interns in your organization. Other responsibilities especially at home can be delegated to the house helpers or family members.

3. Develop a watertight exit plan.

Have an exit strategy in place for eventualities when both jobs would require your presence at the same time. This, otherwise, excuse plan should be waterproof so that it doesn’t seem especially to any of your bosses that you don’t care about your work.

4. Excellent craftsmanship

Undertake your work in both jobs to the best of your abilities. Ensure you do your work carefully and perfectly. This will put you in the right books with your bosses. Work not well done will rub your bosses the wrong way and raise surveillance to your every move. The possibility of revising your work at any point in time also will act as an avenue where you lose time that would have be invested in doing something else.

5. Exercise, eat well and take enough rest

Juggling two jobs coupled with other personal issues are at best too demanding. Therefore, have enough rest when you have any free time, eat nutritious meals and book yourself for some physical exercise to boost your body and mental endurance. If the reasons for taking a second job are tangible enough, ensure you focus enough to achieve your goals sooner and revert back to your previous state.

We work to make ends meet, but do the ends ever really meet? Even the rich are looking to have more wealth. So, ensure you never forget to prioritize finding time to take care of yourself and letting your hair down when you need to. It’s your first and lifelong job and good news, it pays really well!



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