How To Pick Dollars Daily In Crypto Market

I can categorically tell you that it is possible for you to pick dollars daily from the crypto market. If you know, you know. I will give you some hints on how you can consistently do that.

Today, we have more than seven thousand (7,000) cryptocurrency coins and tokens in the world. Most of these coins are often traded with BTC or USDT. USDT is called a stable coin because it is designed to equate to the US dollar.

One way to make dollars daily is to look for a coin or token that is rising in a day. One thing that I have noticed is that if a coin is rising today, it is likely going to rise throughout the day. Though, by next day, it may start going down. You can take advantage of the knowledge and make good profit from just this one coin.

If a coin is moving upward within a day, it will get to a point and reverse a bit by moving downward. No, it is not fully going down, we call this correction. You know, nothing goes up forever.That makes it possible for you to buy when the price is low and sell when the price goes high. Then, you wait for the price to reverse and you buy at a low price and sell at a high price. Just keep repeating the same simple idea and you see your investment increasing in a day.

You can just trade a single coin that is rising to make a lot of money in a day. What you want to know is to identify the coin or token that is bound to be on upward movement on a particular day. What I do mostly is to identify coins that will rise in a whole week and keep trading them.

A week starts from Monday till Sunday. If a coin shows you that it will rise within a week timeframe, you can keep making money daily from that coin till the end of the week, which ends on Sunday. The most interesting part of trading crypto is that there is no day that you are not likely going to have at least one or two coins that will rise up to 40% to 50% in profit.

Some coins even rise up to 100% to 500% profit in a single day. If you are fortunate to identify such coins, then, you can double your investment in just a single day.

Part of my assignment as a coach of our crypto training community is to teach you how to identify rising coins with the use of some smart indicators.

With indicators, you will know the coins that will rise in a day or week and you can start working with such coins to start picking your daily dollars. I want to strongly encourage you to be part of our community today and you can also attain the level of expertise that will help you to pick dollars daily.

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