How To Pick Hot Crypto That Is On Astronomical Upward Move

The first thing I want you to know is that cryptocurrency market is hot and it keeps delivery good profit everyday. But then, you must be able to identify hot currency that can give you good return even within minutes.

if you are a very busy person that can dedicate one to two hours for trading daily, you should use this idea to quickly identify a coin pair that you can trade to make 2% to 10% with few minutes to some few hours.

Is 10% not the same amount some people fixed their money for 6-12 months with the banks? Come on, that is a daily profit with cryptocurrency.

But let me tell you how to find the coin that will give you good return.

When you get to the cryptomarket place, you want to check two things out. You want to see if the coin has being having positive price change within 24 hours. That is what we refer to as volatility. Then, you want to see if it has good volume. With good volume, it means some good numbesr of people are trading the coin, so, there is a bubbling affair of buying and selling going on the market.

Then, you want to check the position of the coin with an indicator which will let you know the exact time to get into the market. If the coin really has good volume, you may suddenly realise that the price of the market moves upward in 15minutes to 30 minutes. Then, you can sell again and make your instant profit.

If you are contented with 3% to 5% return of your money per day, it means, in 30 days, you can make up to 90% to 150% of your money. Tell me, which financial market will give you such returns on your investment within minutes or few days?

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You know why I like this cryptocurrency market? This is where you can see the fact and figure by yourself graphically. Someone can tell you that he is making money in one business opportunity, but you may not be able to see or ascertain if it is true or not.

But with cryptocurrency, this will be glaring to you.

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