How To Sell Your Bitcoin for Naira Without Any Wahala

Yeah, it is no longer news that CBN had banned exchanges and those dealing with cryptocurrency from using the banks.

A lot of people had reached out to me asking what is the fate of cryptocurrency trading now with the new policy. I was personally not perturbed because I know that cryptocurrency is a force that can not be stopped by anybody. No country can single-handedly stop cryptocurrency and proliferation of blockchains. .

Even if the powerful countries in the world come together to work against this innovative idea, they can’t still stop it. I mean, the idea of blockchain and cryptocurrency is not MMM or one programme run by one man or organisation.

You may probably be wondering if it is true that the idea cannot be stopped. Do you understand the way Bitcoin is designed? It operates on its own. No one is in charge. No centre point to pull it down or switch off the machine. It is powered by individuals that are connected together in a web of networks all over the world.

Did you see what happened to bitcoin as CBN came up with its policy that suddenly stopped a lot of Nigeria from funding their crypto wallets while several people quickly withdrew their money in a frenzied manner? Bitcoin went up drastically.

It shows that Nigeria’s exit from the crypto-world has no effect in the digital currency world.

If you remember, I have been talking to you about the cryptocurrency passive and active income opportunity that generates money for you every day. Honestly, I have not seen a system that produces fast results like this before. The system has been vomiting money like a damaged ATM machine.

The opportunity is just one of the ways crypto can build wealth for people and unfortunately, the government is trying to hold our hands. Anyway, I believe that everyone must hold their destinies in their hands and refuse to allow anyone to stop them.

Immediately the news broke out, the first thing I tried to resolve is how we will still be able to get our money here in Nigeria and to the bank without the challenge of getting scammed or becoming victims of evil people in our community.

Yes, I know that P2P will be the next alternative for most people but for me, I don’t want to receive money from some people I don’t know and eventually, the police will come saying that you just demanded ransom money from someone. Why you are trying to clarify that, then, they discover you are exchanging crypto which the apex bank had banned. For me, the safety of my assets and security comes first.

I eventually cracked the code. I came up with a system that will help anyone to sell BTC at any time of the day and get paid directly into the bank account without a sign that the money is a crypto proceeding or any other possible wahala.

Without doubt, I know this is a solution that you are looking for too. Click the link below to sell your BTC and collect your money in Naira and straight to your bank account.

Importantly, If you really want to consistently see dollars rolling into your digital wallet and naira flowing daily into your bank account, whether you are working or not, you need to become part of this crypto investment I have been telling you.

This income opportunity is getting hotter and better every day. You need to witness this yourself. Please, do me and your gracious self a favour, click the link below and go and learn more about the fantastic opportunity.

Let me say that there is no other time better than now for you to invest in cryptocurrency. You see, because of the recent problem created by CBN a lot of people will lose money and fail but some will become extremely successful.

The successful ones will be those that ignore fear and dive for success.

you dare to succeed? Join me now, let’s make this money together.


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