How To Start Dry Cleaning Business

dry cleaning businessDry cleaning business is a fast growing business in Nigeria. Nigeria is a country where good businesses thrive because of its high population. This article gives you tips on how to start dry cleaning business in Nigeria.

To start this business there are many things that have to be put into consideration from location of your business to managing customer wears, good communication skills, advertisement and good customer care.

Business experts have proved that certain locations attract customers to their service providers. To effectively compete in this business, you have to choose a location where potential customers can easily locate you. One way to do this is to locate an area in your domain where people are many and where your business can be conspicuous.

This is because as people pass through this area, it would be easier for them to easily locate your office. Make sure that your office is properly positioned and planned. In planning your office for this type of business, division in compartments is definitely necessary. Dividing your office into compartments depends on the type of work to be done. You can create a compartment where you collect, register and tag customer wears.

You can also create another compartment where you can put your dry cleaning machine and dry cleaning chemicals. This is where you dry clean the customers’ wears. You can also create another compartment where you can iron the dry cleaned wears. Finally, you can create a compartment that can serve as a reception for customers where they can relax till there wears are ready.

Managing customers’ wears is one of the most important task in dry cleaning business. When wears of customers get mixed up, you easily loose them to your competitors. To avoid this, simply create a tag for each wear. On the tags, input the names, addresses and phone numbers of the customers so as to easily contact them. After this, separate different fabrics to different categories as fabrics are different from each other. After dry cleaning, press the wear and package it neatly.

Customers’ always prefer dry cleaners with good communication skills because it builds the trust in them. Good communication skills help you to know how to treat different customers, because people are different from one another.

Remember that customer comes first before any other issue. When a customer is treated right, he brings other potential customers to you. You can decide to have a home pick-up and delivery services for your customers at lower costs. This will surely build a good customer-dry cleaner relationship. Make sure that their wears are delivered at the appropriate time as promised when you picked them up.

Advertising is important in making a name and hence making profit in any business. These days there are many cheap and affordable ways of advertise your service. One tradition is by verbally telling people about the service you provide. Another way you can advertise your services is by printing a pamphlet that contain your contact information and that give details about your services with what potential customers can gain from your service.

You can also send SMS to potential customers telling them about your services. Internet has made advertising more easier and interesting because many people can access your information easily within a very short period of time. You can contact internet marketing experts to assist you promoting your dry cleaning business.

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9 years ago

Good start, nice write-up. Tenses and pharagraphs could be better though.
Thanks for this laudable opportunity.

9 years ago
Reply to  Jayjay

Jayjay, thanks for your comment.

9 years ago

Good work, though seems the article is more about setting up a business successfully using Dry cleaning as a case study rather than about dry cleaning itself. Agree with Jayjay on the tenses and paragraphs.

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