How To Start Making N200k Monthly Through E-commerce Without Having A Single Product

Do you know the main complaint of anyone that wants to start business? It is “initial capital”.

Of course, it is understandable that for you to start any thing, you need money. If you are going to sell a product, you also need to have the products already with you, that is the normal way of doing business.

For example, let say I am selling shoes, it is expected that I would have bought the shoes at low price, have them in stock before I start advertising them. Then, whenever I make sales, I will take my profit and re-invest the capital to get more of the product I am selling.

What of if I tell you that is old method of doing business? Anyway, that is actually still the normal way that everyone is using to do business. But what of if we show you a creative way of selling shoes, clothes, bags or whatever you have in mind without actually spending a dime to purchase any of those products you want to sell? What of if you only need to get the product when you have an order?

I know you are wondering how possible is that. What of if I tell you that you don’t still need to hawk any of these products on the street or physically show it to anyone and still make far more money than those that have big shops or stores selling the same type of product? And you only need to do your marketing online using your laptop or phone.

You see, I am not talking of theory here. This is not mathematical permutation or combination. It is what we have been teaching at our ecommerce class.

Our eCommerce trainer makes about N200,000.00 (two hundred thousand naira) monthly without having a single products of his own just by selling online. You will see is account live when you subscribe to the training.  Interestingly, this idea is not rocket science, anybody can do it.

This coming Thursday, 17th January, 2019, we will be showing you the secret at our live seminar at White House in Lagos.

Click here now to register for either the online or live seminar

In case you are too busy and you can’t make it to the physical class, then, get the online version of the training. Just click the link and choose the online version and you will have access to this same secret.

Ecommerce is the main thing now. You will discover how to get hot products you can start selling even if you don’t have one yet.  Please note that this training is only N3,500.00 this week. By next week, it will be N5,000.00. Take advantage of the discount now.

Click here now to join the eCommerce Training whether online or live seminar

Digital Marketing Training – MeritChoice Mastermind Class (MEMAC)  – Every Tuesday 10AM

We have resumed our Digital Maketing Training class. This comes up every Tuesday. This is where you learn every thing you need to know about Digital Marketing to become an expert. It is a year course with powerful plan to ensure you can be making at least a million naira monthly by the time you are through with the training.

This Tuesday, 15th January, 2019, we shall be teaching on “How To Create Sales-Boosting and Attractive Capture Page”.  If you notice that every time we promote a training, we send you to a page to register. Check out the one in this write up and see how we creatively design it.  That is a capture page and it is very important when you are using digital marketing strategy.

All our existing students are expected to be around at Tuesday. The MeritChoice Mastermind Class (MEMAC) training is N120,000.00 (One hundred and twenty thousand naira) for a year. But if you just want to attend this session alone on how to create capture page which is also known as squeeze page, landing page or opt-in page, you can attend with just N5,500.00.

White House
#90B, Okota Road, Opposite Abbey Mortgage Bank,
Near Chemist Bus Stop, Isolo, Lagos.


Don’t forget that we are launching Loan Mentorship Forum this Wednesday 16th January, 2019 at White House. Jumoke Amoo will be around to give you opportunity to apply for two different kinds of loans. There is a loan that you can get about N50,000.00 to N100,000.00 and you don’t need collateral for it.

For those that need the big money, she will also show you how to get about N5million from a moneylender that is ready to give you the money within 3 to 5 days after meeting with the necessary requirement. You still don’t need collateral for this one too.

All past students of the class are expected to be around. If you have previously join the forum with N5,500.00, you don’t need to pay any thing again to attend the launching.

For those that have not attended our Loan and Streams of Income training before, you can simply click the link below to register with N1,500.00.

Click here to register for the Loan and 4 Streams of Income Training

The Loan Forum Launching is after the main training of the day. Interested participants are expected to register and they will be getting different loan opportunity for a whole one year.



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