How To Successfully Make Money Online

make money online

Making money online remains a myth to many and a steady source of income for a select few. So many people have tried for years to make money online and after trying so hard, they give up. It is true that the field of online business is crowded and there hardly seems to be space for a newbie to make camp and earn a living, even if if it is just enough to pay for gas and groceries.

Many newbies work hard, really hard to make money. They go into different types of affiliate marketing and several other money making schemes online, without results. In fact, most times, they end up spending money to make the money they never seem to make. Then, they give up and return with bitterness and defeat to their day jobs and challenge anyone who says anything about making money online.

Making money online is a mixture of hard work and smart work. There are times you do not have to work hard but smart, there are also times, hard work is indeed necessary. If you are new to the online business hustle, the fact remains that there is still room at the top for the smart and hard workers, especially the smart workers.

They say doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is tantamount to pure madness. Well, sadly and cruelly true. There is a blue print for any successful venture, talk less of a business. Few people simply stumble onto “gold”, the path to success is tread with premeditated footing.  Before you delve into any business, online or offline, proper research / feasibility studies must be carried out. You must closely follow other people’s successes, failures as well as those who are neither successes or failures but somewhere in between. You must find out what they are doing and then decide what they are doing wrong and right, plan your move, make your mistakes and succeed!

I mentioned “make your mistakes” because not everyone gets everything right the first time and that’s alright. Being a success means managing your failures and coming out better. Remember Abraham Lincoln.

Another very important step, is to ensure to avoid information overload / overdose. Some newbies (also known as noobs) do so much research that when the time comes to implement what they have self-studied, they become lazy and tired. Here’s what you MUST do:

1. Be very graphic: Draw a chart, whatever way you can. It could be a pie chart, a bar chart, some sort of table etc. If you skipped out on your maths class in school, make do with whatever you can create yourself. Maybe just arrows from step to step. What you need is something that can show the first step, the next and the next,  untill the last step. It should have plan B if Plan A fails, Plan C if Plan B fails and so on. This may seem really stressful and difficult but if you can do this and keep it by your computer, then you can keep track of your progress and stay focused.

Project name: Create a food website

Step 1: Pay for hosting
Step 2: Register domain name
Step 3: Outsource web design
Step 4: Outsource getting Google adsense accounting
Step 5: Put ads on website
Step 6: Outsource back link work
Step 7: Add new content every week
Step 8: Interact with visitors
Step 9: Analyze and make better
Step 10: Collect Google adsense pin when its up to $10
Step 11: More back links
Step 12: Collect the Google adsense moolah monthly  🙂

This way, it is easy to keep track of what needs to be done. It even keeps you excited and eager about getting to the next step.

2. Stay focused: Step 9 is a very important step. You must check for what you are doing right and do more of it if need be, and also what you are doing wrong and stop it immediately.  Always, go back to your drawing board. Always! There is always room for improvement even when you are at the top.

3. Stay informed: The internet game is always changing. Have you ever heard about the panda update? Google it! Let Google, forums and other relevant websites become your friend. The panda update had a lot of top ranking websites drop down into the pile, the last rungs of the search ladder. You must stay informed so you do not get your online business deformed!

Here’s wishing you a very successful start, a great learning curve and a productive journey to the top of the online game.


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