How To Take Profit Regularly From Your Crypto Assets Without Getting Lost In the Loop

What I am about to share with you is very important and this is what anyone that invests in cryptocurrency should know.

If you invest in cryptocurrency, I am sure you didn’t do it because you want to “feel among”, as in, you want to be part of what is trending. If “feeling among” is your interest there are hundreds of social media you can join for free without risking your money.

But if you are putting your hard-earn money somewhere, the main reason is for you to make profits with it. Everyone wants to go into business today because they believe it will bring them profit afterwards. Nobody will invest in anything without having profit in the mind.

Unfortunately, many people invest in cryptocurrency and they are lost in the loop. What did I mean by loop?

There is this “rise and fall” of price in the cryptocurrency market. Yes, that rise and fall of the price is the biggest blessing the market has. Unfortunately, it is the downfall of those that don’t have adequate knowledge about the market.

For example, let’s consider how bitcoin (BTC) works. The price may be at 9,000USD this week and by next week, it may become 10,000USD. If you have BTC, you will be so happy that the price is going up and your prayer will be that it gets to 12,000USD for you to have maximum profit.

But it may suddenly crash to 8,000USD. If you have bought at 9,000USD and the price goes to 8,000USD instead of rising to 12,000USD, it means you have lost some value of your BTC in dollar.

Don’t forget, you still didn’t lose the quantity of your BTC, just the value. This reason alone is why Cryptocurrency trading is far better than forex. In forex, there is no quantity and value. If the price goes down you lose the value of your money and you may end up nothing a penny in the forex market.

What you should have done when the price gets to 10,000USD is for you to take profit without fully getting out of the market. When the market goes down, you can even re-invest your profit so that you can gain higher returns when the price goes up again.

If you do not understand this strategy, you will be in the loop and you may not make anything out of the cryptocurrency market for a very long time.

That is why I am organising Zoom Training for our Cryptocurrency Class on Wednesday, 8th July 2020 by 8pm to explain how to cash out regularly despite the up and down of the cryptocurrency market.

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There is a comprehensive training when you join us. You have several hours of videos to learn from and you will also enjoy regular online live training and support via WhatsApp. Plus, you will enjoy 30 days bonus of us trading for you for FREE.

There is no other time than now to learn how to make money through crypto trading with all the challenges COVID-19 brought to our world. You can stay at home and keep making money with your money.

I hope to see you for the training on Wednesday, 8th July 2020 b 8 pm.

PS: When you join the Cryptocurrency Class, the instruction of how to become part of the live Zoom Training will be given to you. The training fee is N45,500.00. The price goes to N50,500.00 after Friday, 10th July 2020. Make haste and be part of it today. Click the link to register:


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