How To Trade Bitcoin With Naira For Extraordinary Profit (Video)

How To Trade Bitcoin With Naira For Extraordinary Profit (Video)

How To Trade Bitcoin With Naira For Extraordinary Profit (Video)

One thing that I have strongly been advocating for is that you should trade some of your money in the bank with bitcoin. You see, you don’t need to trade all your money with bitcoin. Just get 10%, 25% or 50% depending on your risk tolerance and trade it for extraordinary profit.

Just some few days ago, we started trading a small amount of naira which is just N4,500 and every day it keeps growing and soon, it will be N10,000.00. Note that we are not selling anything to gain more on the amount. No referral, no phone call, no sending of an email, no completion of an order. Only your money just in a special cryptocurrency account is producing more of its kind for you.

So, why will you just dump all your money in the bank, allowing the bank to be trading and making money on your hard earn cash while at the same time they are debiting your account with various kinds of unknown charges?

Not that alone, with the sliding free fall that naira is having with the dollar, note that the value of whatever amount of naira you are having last few weeks is not the same with what you are having today.

It is just a smart idea for you to look for a way to ensure that your money keeps growing. The best and simple way you can do that now is to trade your naira with bitcoin.

Yes, I promised to make some video to show you how you can trade bitcoin with naira. Today, the video is out and I want you to watch it. You will learn a lot from it. Click the link below to watch the video:


Truly speaking, we don’t want to do this. We want the price of our training to be at N50,000.00 now. Why? We know the quality of service we are giving. Apart from our quality training, we are still giving a very unusual bonus of trading for you for 30 days which is already producing great testimonies.

Seriously, we really have a passion for people to make it especially at this period of lockdown and COVID-19 that had eaten into the economy and affected many people’s personal finances. Therefore, we see this as our own little contribution to help.

We are also extending this because many people have been calling and begging for extension of the current price till the end of the month when they will be able to get paid. It’s also our joy to see people registering for this class outside the country like South Africa and Dubai. The fact that we are touching lives is propelling us to sacrificially do more.

But there is a clause you need to take note of. You will only have access to the BONUS of trading for you if you pay on or before Saturday, 23rd May 2020.

The truth is that we will NOT be able to sustain trading for several people for FREE. Though we have made the BONUS trading a free service the recent participants of our training, but it is important for you to know that we pay for the service that enables us to activate the BONUS.

You will still be able to pay N35,500.00 for the training but the BONUS which is the 30days FREE trading will not be included. Anyone interested in that will need to pay extra for the service. Therefore, hurry up to take advantage of the BONUS.

To join our training online, visit the link below to register:

In case you need to call or chat with us on WhatsApp, you can reach us via 08027097030. If you are having problem to pay online, you can also call or chat with us for assistance.


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