How To Weekly Increase Your Naira With Cryptocurrency

I want to give you a secret about cryptocurrency today.

A lot of people think it is only about bitcoin and some other altcoins like ethereum, ripple, litecoin etc. Several people don’t know they can actually increase their naira weekly or even daily with cryptocurrency.

So, when we talk about cryptocurrency, a lot of people think it is something so complex that they need to be a kind of extraordinary expert to understand it. But I can tell you that it is not as complex as many people think.

If you have been looking for a way to keep increasing the money in your hands, then you need to follow me on this. Let me tell you how you too can regularly increase that money in your bank account.

We can now trade Naira with bitcoin, ethereum and even with USD. You know that the Naira to dollar exchange rate is presently high. With my practical understanding, I know that the exchange rate with our banks is around N400 to N450.

I made some payments a few days ago with GTBank Mastercard and N395 was charged for a dollar. But I learnt some banks will charge you up to N440 or N450 per dollar.

You see, this is the best time to make or trade dollars because exchanging it for naira means a lot of money. Let’s just assume that the average Nigerian exchange rate is N400. If you have 10USD that is N4,000.00. If you have 20USD that is N8,000.00.

But do you know that as at this writing, the naira/dollar exchange rate in the cryptocurrency market is about N473.00. Could you believe that if you have traded NGN (that is the abbreviation for Naira on cryptocurrency platform) with USDT (a stable US dollar crypto coin), precisely on 21st September 2020, you would have  exchanged it at the rate of N500 per dollar?

Honestly, to do this regularly requires minimum skill from you. You just want to put in your money into the crypto account. Convert it to USDT or BUSD and wait for the money to rise and cash it back in naira. Finished!

I just told you that the exchange rate is about N473 today and it is likely going to hit N480 soon. This is how people get rich. You can do the same.

You want to learn how to do this with precision? Why not join us and let’s give you the full strategy on how you can regularly increase the Naira you only dump with the banks to keep feasting on. They are making money from you without giving you anything but rather taking from you with different types of unknown charges.

Click the link below to join us: 

The fee for joining our online training and becoming part of our unique community is just N50,500.00, one lifetime fee. Seriously, the value is more than what you are paying. We also have the plan of trading for you as a member of our community.

You will learn to trade for yourself and we will also trade for you giving you double power to make money with cryptocurrency.

We are also currently recruiting those that want to become experts in trading. This is necessary as we are having more people in our community who want us to trade for them and are also willing to share profit with the traders. It is an awesome way for anyone that is interested in this to personally raise money.

If you want to be part of this, check the requirement below and this can be a lifetime turning point for you.

  1. You must be a young guy or gal of age between age 18-30.
  2. You must know how to use the computer system and phone very well. We will not have time to train anyone that doesn’t know how to use a computer.
  3. You must have your own laptop and a smartphone.
  4. You must have internet connection to be able to work at home or at any other place after you leave the grooming centre. You will always have internet access at the grooming centre.
  5. You must be willing to dedicate one year (12 months) for the training.
  6. You must be ready to work and learn on a full-time basis for one year of your training/grooming.
  7.  You must be able to get to class/work from 9am to 6pm during the week.
  8. You must be flexible and ready to take on new challenges and tasks.
  9. You must be disciplined and have genuine desire to learn.
  10. You must be hungry for success with strong passion to become an exceptional crypto expert after a year of grooming and training you.
  11. You must be ready to follow the rule and regulation of the school and organisation.
  12. You must be ready to make about 100USD to 200USD per month. We expect that by the time you are finishing the training, you should be making 500USD to 1000USD per month depending on your ability to put in more effort.
  13. You must live in Ibadan or be willing to relocate to Ibadan for a whole year for the training. This will be as if you are in a school and that is one of the reasons young people are preferred. (If you are interested, we can link you with agent that can get accommodation for you around the location of our training centre)


  1. We will train you for a whole year to become an expert, trading and investing in cryptocurrency.
  2. We will give you not only demo accounts to trade with but real live accounts without any investment requirement from you.
  3. You will have your own personal account where you will be able to grow your own investment from what you make during the grooming period.
  4. We will provide the training centre, internet connection and everything that will make your grooming and work comfortable.
  5. You will not only learn about cryptocurrency but we will show you the computer/internet  skills that help internet business owners become successful easily online.
  6. We expect that you should have nothing less than a million naira personal investment after your one year of grooming, training and working as a crypto trader.

After we have assessed and deemed you fit to join us, you will pay a grooming fee of just N75,500.00. Please, note that the amount mentioned is for those people that are joining us this month for the programme. From October, the fee will be N150,500.00.


If you are interested, join me at Ibadan next week Monday. I will be having a FREE Seminar for those that want to know more about Cryptocurrency trading too. The time is 10am to 12pm. Ensure you are punctual as we will not have a revision section or attend to anybody again after the specified time.




TIME: 10.00AM – 12PM (Please, we will strictly be time conscious. Nobody will be entertained after the specified hours.)

Jesus Cares Bible Church,
#28, Olabo Street, Oke-Itunu, Mokola Area,
Ibadan, Oyo State.

If you want more information, you can chart with us on WhatsApp with +2348027097030



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