How To Withdraw Your Crypto Profit Instantly To Your Bank Account


Why do work?

That should be a straightforward answer right? Most common replies should be to earn a living. If I also ask this question, “why do people do business or invest?” That also should be a no brainer. The main reason is for PROFIT or to use the technical term ROI, which means Return on Investment.

If you had followed some of my advice about investing in crypto, I believe by now, you should have a reason to smile because there would be good returns for you to bank on. Of course, you would want to get your money from your crypto wallet to your bank account since it is the medium you can use to buy anything you want.

But I am surprised that a lot of people don’t know that it is so easy to transfer money from their crypto wallet to their bank account without assistance from any person or third party. Anyway, the difference between those that know and don’t is knowledge.

Let me inform you that things have changed drastically in the crypto world. You can now transfer your assets to your bank account in less than two minutes. Yes, you read that well. You will get a bank alert within two minutes if there is no network issue. It will be as if you are doing bank-to-bank transfer.

You don’t need to look for anybody to buy BTC, ETH or any coin from you before you get the money paid to your bank account.

In fact, you can get the best selling price compared to what anybody can buy from you with this method I am talking about.

The other day, someone wanted to sell BTC and someone was offering to buy at the rate of N430/USD. It looked good until the fellow got to me. I asked him why he was going to sell cheap when he could use the platform that will pay him N485/USD? That was about N55 difference.

I am adding a new video where I demonstrated how I withdrew money from my cryptocurrency account and sent it to my bank. The amount hit the account instantly. If you are a member of our Cryptocurrency forum and community, logon to the membership area of the class and check out the video. Never sell your crypto asset cheap again.

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Can you believe that I exchanged my crypto-asset last week at the rate of N500/USD? You hardly will see anyone that will exchange such an amount for your asset. But you can do that regularly by yourself.

This is the right time to make a lot of money if you have some Naira in your bank account. Rather than allowing the naira to depreciate, you can use crypto to get a good return of your savings. Do you know you can do like abokis? But instead of selling and buying dollars like the aboki on the street, you can do it with a crypto platform.

Look forward to more info on the idea

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