I Didn’t Believe In Crypto Until I Made 60 Percent on My Investment

I Didn’t Believe In Crypto Until I Made 60 Percent on My Investment

              I Didn’t Believe In Crypto Until I Made 60 Percent on My Investment

If there is anyone that was highly sceptical of cryptocurrency, I was.

I was never a fan of cryptocurrency and you may probably be wondering what changed my perspective as I am almost like an evangelist of the digital money now.

To understand why I was critical about crypto, you need to understand where I was coming from. I was actively involved in e-gold as far back as 2005 and e-gold seemed to be designed to change the world.

But then, the system became the den of scammers and hackers. I lost so much money on it around 2007/2008 and vowed not to get involved again. I knew with the system recklessness, it would soon crashed. Some years after, US government came after the system and that was the end.

Liberty Reserve (LR) gained ground after the crash of e-gold and we started using it too. I saw the way things were going with LR and I predicted it would soon crashed, I remember posting that on my Facebook wall and before we could say Jack Robinson, it was gone forever. US government came after it too.

So, when cryptocurrency surfaced in the form of bitcoin, I said, this one has come like the other two and very soon, it would be gone. This time around, I was perfectly wrong.

I suspected that US government doesn’t like any form of money-based system that is not registered or licensed by government and they are always after it. But, bitcoin beats them to it. This is never a system that US government can easily crash. No specific organisation or human being is in charge, so, there is no one specifically to pursue to pull down the idea.

Ensure you stick around and look forward for my other messages as I will explain more to you on how cryptocurrency was designed to beat governments and world financial institutions from crashing it.

A friend really tried hard and get me convinced about cryptocurrency. So, I put small amount of money into it after a long persuasion. I eventually forgot the money. But after several months, I decided to check the money. Lo and behold I had gain 60% on the money. Whaat?
That was the beginning of my journey into digging deep into crypto. As a matter of fact, of recent, I have read countless of books and contents about cryptocurrency. I have watched hundred hours of videos and I am so much convinced that, if you don’t invest now in cryptocurrency, you may regret it later.

That is why I am making it as part of the curriculum we are teaching those we are exposing the idea of Loan Without Collateral to which include CBN Loan.


So, when you come to any of our training, starting from this week, we will also tell you how you can start making money with cryptocurrency both on short and long time. Seriously, anybody can do this. It is not a rocket science.

To me, I see getting of loan as someone giving you fish, while understanding cryptocurrency investing and trading as you knowing how to fish by yourself. Which one will you prefer? Although, one can start out with someone giving him/her fish, but the best is to grow up with time by developing capacity to fish personally.

Please, you can subscribe to the online version of our CBN Loan training too if you can’t physically attend but note that the material for crypto training will not be uploaded until the end of this week, though, we will be presenting it during the physical class. Kindly bear with us. Click the link below to be part of the training.


There will be special and free training session for LMF members by 10am on Thursday, 22nd August, 2019. Below are the highlight of what we shall be discussing.

1. Practical of Getting Instant Loan from Online Moneylenders
2. How to Check your Credit Bureau Record for your Credit Rating
3. Crypto Investing & Trading Strategy for LMF Group

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