I Made 955USD In Just 2 Days And I Want To Teach You My Method

I want to start by appreciating those that have been using https://meritxtra.com to exchange their BTC for Naira. Some have personally called me to thank us for coming up with such an innovative idea at this crucial time when CBN almost ruins the party for most crypto lovers and investors.

Let me quickly resolve the question that some have been asking. Someone asked, “if I have ethereum or any other coin apart from BTC how can I exchange it on MeritXtra.com since the coin I have is not BTC?

Here is my answer to that.

I want you to know that you must be able to convert a real crypto coin or token to BTC. If there is any coin or token that is called cryptocurrency and you are not able to exchange it for BTC, it is a fake cryptocurrency. A typical example of fake cryptocurrency is the Bullion coin which is also known as TBC. It is not possible for you to exchange TBC for BTC and that makes it fake and useless.

My candid advice is that you should not buy such useless coins. So, if you have ETH, LINK, ADA, XRP or any coin/token that is a real cryptocurrency, you will be able to exchange such a coin for BTC. After converting to BTC, go to https://meritxtra.com to exchange it for NAIRA. The money will land directly into your bank account.

So, let’s go to our main deal of the day.

Yes, I made about 955USD in just 2 days. Precisely, I made 299.22USD on 25th March 2021 and 655.78USD on 26th March 2021 that gives a sum total of 955USD. If I use the exchange rate of 470USD that will be N448,850.00 (four hundred and forty-eight thousand, eight hundred and fifty naira).

I don’t think that is a bad amount of money for anyone to make in two days as net profit. That could be someone’s salary for about six months. But I am still far from my target. I want to be making at least 1,000USD per day so that I can hit at least 30,000USD in 30 days and that could help me reach my plan of 50,000USD per month. I am pulling my strategies together and I should be getting better results in a few days from now.

Why am I so confident that this is possible? There is a system that permits this to be possible. If you read my last message, I talked about a system that I called Passive & Active Income System (PAIS). What I usually do is identify a working system like PAIS and plug into it.

I saw this system and I know that it can make me or anyone any amount of money that is so desired simply by doing what I called “soft work”. Please, understand that the name of the system is not PAIS but that is what I adopted to call it after I see its amazing operations and results.

You can check out the system by visiting my website below:


Of course, I have been talking about this system for a while. I created a video that shows how I made over 2000USD within 30 days with the system.

I also said that you too can start making about 100USD daily with this system and I mean it.

Don’t forget that you don’t need to do anything to even make money with the system. But if you choose to be like me and you want to make at least 100USD per day doing the “soft work” that it requires, you can be making daily returns that will baffle you.

For you to make good money with this system, we can work together. If we work together, then, you will learn the strategy that I am using and if you adopt it, you should get similar results that I am getting.

As an expression of my desire to assist you and others to start making good money through this system, I am organizing seminars that are coming on Monday 29th March 2021 and Wednesday 31st March 2021.

See the seminar details below:

TOPIC: How To Make 100USD Daily With The Best Online Income Opportunity

DATE-1: Monday 29th March 2021

DATE-2: Wednesday 31st March 2021

TIME: 10am – 12pm

Jesus Cares Bible Church Hall,
28, Olabo Street, Oke-Itunu,
Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State.

Description: If you are not driving, from Mokola take a bike or keke, tell the rider you are going to Jesus Cares Bible church at Oke-Itunu before Okoro. A good number of the riders know the junction of the church.


Now don’t think that if you can’t come to the live seminar you are losing, no. You are not. That is why I asked you to go to the website and see all the videos I have created about this fantastic opportunity.


You see, part of the money I got was a reward of 500USD I was giving just in a single day. What else do you really want in life? If there is anything that comes first after GOD, it is money. After you’ve got money, you too will be amazed about the creativity you have.

You won’t believe what you can do with money. People will call you a good man because you can express the goodness in you with money. Now that I am sure that this idea will give you money, why don’t you do everything possible to register and explore this opportunity? I am waiting for you to join me in this program.

When you get to the site, ensure you join the Telegram group. We keep talking and chatting in the group and I am providing solutions to those that want to be part of this wonderful opportunity.


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