I Made Over 2000USD – Over A Million Naira – Within 30 Days (See Video Evidence)

It’s been a while. I’ve been quiet but money has been rolling in though.

It’s almost like automatic money. Cash keeps flowing in on its own. Some of you may remember that I was talking about one income opportunity that can make you 25% passively on a monthly basis.

I also said that if you engage the system, the money can come in much better. Anyway, as a matter of fact, I don’t like to introduce opportunities to people without trying it out myself. I didn’t and it has been so superb.

Seriously, I have never seen a thing like this. This is the easiest way to make money as far as I am concerned. It is easy because, whether you work, you will make money, if you don’t work, you will still make money. But if you try to do something small, your money will shoot right to the moon.

I did a video to show you how I made over $2000 within 30 days with the income opportunity. That was over one million naira. In the video, I went through to show you how I have been withdrawing money every week. I started withdrawing 100USD and it grew to 200USD and to 400USD weekly. Then, it became 500USD weekly and as I am talking with you, I am withdrawing more than 500USD and it is getting up to 1000USD weekly now..


For me, I see a great system developed by some smart guys to help people make excessive money. The system is designed around cryptocurrency. Some are still afraid of cryptocurrency because of CBN but alas, we made more money after the “CBN ban”. I hope you are aware that BTC is now over 50,000USD? But this income opportunity is printing a new level of income for all of us in the system.

My current plan with this opportunity that has been paying me like a damaged ATM machine is to make 50,000USD within 30 days. I know some people will say that is not possible. Yes, it seemed like a tall dream. Just wait, I will soon come back and show you another video of me achieving that.

In the meantime, I will like you to watch my video where I login live to the back office of the opportunity’s system and I show you how I have been withdrawing and how the money has been accumulating.

Click the link I am having here, enter your First name, email and other details on the page, on the next page that you are redirected to, scroll through the page and look for a video with the title: How I Made Over $2000 (Over A Million Naira) In 30 Days.

Watch the video to understand what I am talking about. After you are done, click a link on the page to join my WhatsApp group and we can start talking about how I can help you to start making such a large amount of money too.

My goal now is to start making 25 million naira monthly with this system. Do you think it is not possible? It is a matter of mind and time. The next time, I will be showing you a live video like that, it will be another milestone that I have achieved.

Oya, click the link now and let’s go there:



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