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Re-opened again... and will vanish after the next 100!


Do you get stuck selling your imported items?

"What If I Show You Two Underground Ninja Techniques I And My Inner Circle Students Use to Sell Our Imported Items Even Before They Arrive, Netting Over N500,000 Monthly in Pure Profit… Would You Jump at it?"



PLUS: Three Other Rarely Known Portals… Where You Can Get Stuffs for 200% Cheaper Than You Get From Elsewhere.

If you’re not among the lucky 7% who are already taking advantage of this revolutionary mini importation business “game changer”, then listen up…

My name is Pat Ogidi; and I’m largely regarded as “The Grand Commander of Importation Business in Nigeria”

No, I didn’t assume that title myself… (like most gooroos out there do)

The big dawgs in the industry bestowed that on me;



Just last year November, The American Internet Business School, in conjunction with Afrinet Business Solutions honoured me with something HUGE.

The "Best Internet Marketer of the Year"

The news was everywhere... Silverbird, Facebook... on the media.

Here's the plaque;


You see;

I’m not a gooroo maharaji! (He’s in his shrine in Ibadan, LOL)

So unlike the self-acclaimed gurus, I am not going to claim to make you a millionaire overnight!



You’re too intelligent to be insulted and fooled; by telling you that you can push a magic button tonight, and wake up with 5 million naira in your bank account tomorrow?

Neither will I tell you that I’ll make you richer than Amazon, Ebay, Konga and Jumia combined by 7pm tomorrow

But, if you’re willing to follow simple 1-2-3 instructions…

I am going to hand you over a simple fail-proof blueprint to follow; that is literally guaranteed to catapult your mini importation business to an enviable height you never thought possible.

It did same for Mr. Alozie Chidiebere, that most of his products he listed on the ecommerce sites are always SOLD OUT!


If you’ve tried doing mini importation business before, or you know someone who has… then, you should understand that the biggest stumbling block most people face in the business is not about where to import from, basically;


…but about ‘how to effortlessly sell their imported goods’

That reminds me of;


An Ugly Experience I Had With Selling 400 Pieces of Ladies’ Pouch I Imported, to an Owerri Based Shop Owner in Early 2012.

There was an agreement with a shop owner around IMSU junction in Owerri; to bring in 400 pieces of this pouch.


But because the delivery was 3 days late, she rejected them.

Wicked lady L

I had to face the realities on ground… while left with no option than to resort to my normal way of selling my imported stuffs.

It took me a whole 16 restless days to sell off all of the 400 pieces;

… and; before then…


I Thought I Was Doing Well With My Snail Speed Way of Selling My Imported Stuffs… Until These Elusive Former Konga & Jumia Insiders Opened the Floodgate of Their Best Kept Secret to me in October 2014.


It was the last week of October in 2014.

My wife has just ordered for a pair of shoe from Konga, and had received it.

Everything was exactly as expected.

A week later, we received an envelope with some advertorials inside it.

It was from the same merchant from whom she bought the shoe from on Konga.

They enclosed a small note thanking her for buying from their Konga store, with a discount coupon she could redeem (if she likes) at their shop at Allen Avenue, Ikeja Lagos.

The marketing material and strategy got me curious.


Does it mean individuals now sell on Konga? Don’t Konga and other ecommerce sites do all the selling themselves anymore?” I queried.

If my thoughts turn out to be true, that means “our darling” mini importation business is set to explode big time

Luckily, I’ve got a friend and a loyal subscriber who works with Jumia.

His name is Mr. Ayako.

He was among the crew that started Jumia in 2012.

Even though Mr. Ayako doesn’t work with Konga; I reasoned that since he works with Jumia, another ecommerce site… he should be way ahead of me as regards how things work in Konga.


I also recall him telling me about Konga trying to poach him from Jumia, with a promise of bigger pay J

So, I know he has lots of friends on Konga, who are highly placed, and could offer first hand information.

So, I immediately put a call across to him, and he confirmed Konga has started allowing individual merchants to sell on their platform.

Jumia too!

Mr. Ayako told me Jumia runs such program, but getting into their platform as a merchant is not a free for all thingy, hence not easy.

You must be referred by a Jumia staff, or a known merchant already selling on their platform.

He gave me all the insider information that will enable anybody signup and successfully sell on Jumia.

Holy COW baby A


Then Comes The Secret Meeting That Turned Things Around

He helped schedule a meeting of himself, me and Timi; a Konga staff in charge of the service I was seeking information about.

The meeting happened the following Friday evening at the HUB Lounge, Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, over some bottles of liquor.


Timi went on to confirm the availability of such service on Konga, plus what every merchant who wishes to be super successful must do… which according to him is hinged on one key set of principles.

He said that the reason most people could never make headway as merchants/partners with Konga is that they didn't understand one thing.


Just as I was about to ask what this one this ONE thing was (HOW COULD I NOT!), Timi said that he had to leave.

He apologized but left me with his phone number and Skype ID and told me to contact him sometime soon.



Little Did I Know How Much That Chance Encounter Would Mean to me in the Upcoming Weeks.


That night, I sent Timi a "contact request" on Skype and then went to bed.

I imagined that I might never hear from him again... but no biggie.

Life will go on!

A few minutes later, I was chatting with my shoe (ladies) supplier in China, when Timi accepted my contact request and sent me a message.


He said;

"If you've got 20 minutes, I can tell you a little more about what I was talking about the other night"


I jumped at the chance to learn a little more from this strange Ekiti dude, who pronounces ‘television’ as ‘televisun’...LOL

He had definitely gotten my attention a few nights back and I wasn't going to let him get away again.


I got on a Skype call with Timi and the first thing he told me was to grab a notepad.

He said that he had really enjoyed our brief conversation a few nights back, and that he wanted to show me a few things since I seemed interested in what he could help.



The Next 20 Minutes Completely Changed The Way I Looked at Selling my Imported Goods. I Couldn't Believe How Hard I Had Been Making All of This.


Over the next 20 minutes, I took notes frantically as he spoke…

Below you can see a preview of some of the things I took down, plus the ones I scrapped from Mr. Ayako, the Jumia badoo


Where And Why Almost 85% of People Who Try to Sell on Ecommerce Websites FAIL;

I can tell you authoritatively that most of these guys you read everywhere online shouting importation and selling on ecommerce platforms BS fall within the 85%

They go about deceiving people, when they have no proofs and results. Next time, ask them to show you their store on Konga and Jumia, and their sales report.

They dare not.


The Type of Product You MUST Import if You Want To Profit BIG Selling on Ecommerce Platforms.

Timi told me in confidence that most sellers on the ecommerce platforms don’t know what they’re doing. I saw the reason I failed woefully in some products I imported earlier.

The TRUTH is, the most profitable products that make you the BIG MONEY are cheap to import.

For example, a product that cost my wife $0.16 (N32) to bring in, sells on these ecommerce websites for up to N4,000. (I’ll show you the product shortly)


The ONE thing that Increases Sales up to 200% a lot of Merchants are not Doing.

Now, you want to guess what it is?

Hold on; don’t guess yet… you’ll find that out shortly.


The Chat Ended and I was Swept off my Feet. This Guy Has Just Handed Me Over the KEYS to Profit… Something Almost No One Out There Knows!


My wedding preparations in December last year prevented me from swinging into action immediately.

But immediately the wedding vibrations gave way, and I regained my business groove, and swung into action!

Created an account and uploaded about 3 products.

Guess what happened after few days? 

At this point, I begin to see how this new discovery can translate into another 500k to 1million naira for smart mini importers.

Curiously, I dug deeper and discovered that there’s one other Nigerian quietly killing it from importing inexpensive products, and then partnering with ecommerce giants like Konga, Jumia, Kaymu etc.

Of course, I don’t believe a thing except you back it up with proofs…

7-sexy-digits in 3 dwarf months A


Now, we have a break through right?

No more getting stuck with your imported items?


So, you can bring in your items, do the right thing and position them in front of over 50million ready to buy Nigerians and let them fall head-over-heels to get them.


But then, what if I tell you that the method I just described above is a learner compared to this other ninja technique, which I call…


The SFYW Method!

This method alone has brought in over 7 million naira for me since January this year.

Yes, for me…

Sweet pot is; the money gets paid DIRECTLY into your bank account. No going through a third party first.

The technique works like charm when you incorporate a “payment on delivery” option with it.

Read that again!

I use to think this second method is a fluke, and could only work for me alone… but I was proven wrong last month.

A friend (I can bet you him, so I’ll withhold his name), after attending my last webinar came complaining that he imported 200 pieces of penis enlargement device, but got stuck with selling them.

He kept on pestering me for a way out (what a pest this dude is)

Reluctantly, I charged him heavily, then switched on the SFYW method on, and set up the system for him. That took just 24hours…


RESULT: 94 copies of the device sold after 19 days.

Over N874,200 pure profits generated!

Combine the SFYW method with the method #1 (partnering with ecommerce sites), and watch your importation business transform from mini to super mega importation business empire…

Because you must literally always run out of stock.


How Does All These Spanking New Discoveries Affect And Benefit You…?

After a few weeks with these awesome discoveries, I was so impressed with my progress using the methods that I wanted to share it.

I remembered that I've got over 80,000 mini importation enthusiasts on my list... whose major road block (I figured) bothers on how to sell their imported stuffs.

So, I knew if there's a way they can lay their hands on my discoveries, they will appreciate and may even offer me their sister as second wife :)

So, that’s why I went the extra mile recently, for 17 whole days… and sacrifice;

-         My sleep,

-         Wifey’s awesome warm arms,

-         And my regular evening HARPinization at AY Bar, Ogba Lagos…

Sat down and translated my "frantic notes" from that night with Timi over Skype, my real life experiences and advancements in the business, everything I know about mini importation business before now, plus my ‘7 digits’ friends’ breakthrough... into something that everyone could benefit from.

Sorry, not everybody, but some serious folks (out of my over 80,000 subscribers) are desirous of taking their mini importation business to the next level.

My Sleepless 17 Nights Paid Off, Because it Gave Birth to…

"The Insider Secrets of Importing Special Products Directly From Manufacturers For Less Than $10, And Partnering With Ecommerce Giants Like Jumia, Konga, Dealdey etc to Net Over N500,000 – 1 Million Naira Monthly”

Click here to grab your copy at the special launch price
(Price increases to N15,000 after the first 100 copies)


We chose not to produce this in PDF form, so we’ll have the chance of showing you everything live on camera… PDF will limit it.

So we went for a comprehensive home study video tutorial instead.


Earlier, I created a tiny window for a section of my subscribers to get the Mini Importation Business Manifesto ( - MIBM - ) Course….

Few persons were lucky to get in, and had these to say;




Another one...


Join Them Now!… Get Your Copy Today at the Special Launch Price
(Price increases to N15,000 after the first 100 copies)


Here’s Exactly What You’re Going To Learn Inside The MIBM When You Get it:

Ø Video #1:- Introduction & Overview

This video simply takes you through what to expect in the course, sets you in the right frame of mind that guarantees success... plus what Mini importation business use to be, what has changed and how to switch to the new rhythm for profits.

Click here to get it now that you can


Ø Video #2:- How to easily spot high in demand inexpensive products that sell like GARRI, any day any time.

I even gave 5 of such top products and why you must concentrate on them if you really want to do 6 figures in your importation business. I’ll show you one of such products shortly.

Yes this sounds like this is for me... click here (or keeps reading)

Ø Video #3:- Product Sourcing ABC

In this video, I take you through the three new rarely known portals that render every other ones you know "empirically useless". Watch me get an item at 200% cheaper than what a seller gave me on Aliexpress and elsewhere.

We also looked at how best to transact with these portals for maximum result.

Ø Video #4:- Payment Breakthrough

This video opens your eyes to cheap ways to beat the high dollar rates... plus a sneakily stupid, but legit way of paying, that's cheaper than paying with your card.

While others pay N198 - N200 per dollar, I was effortlessly enjoying up to N20 lesser, paying only N180/$. Can you bit that?

Enough said! I want results right now... I want to get started immediately so I can change my life or keep reading


Ø Video #5:- Faster Shipping Method That is Cheaper Than DHL

The new revolutionary way to ship that's CHEAPER, and faster than DHL and co. (Let's leave this a surprise)

You also learn when best to each of the two shipping methods I reveal in the video.

Finally, an easy way non Lagos resident can ship their items to themselves without running mad.


Ø Video #6:- Selling your imported items - The Ecommerce Partnership Way.

Here, we talk in details about partnering with Konga, Jumia, Dealdey, Kaymu, Classified Sites Etc, and contact addresses of staffs of the various ecommerce platforms who would help you register with them within 24hrs of getting this course.

I've heard enough, I want in... Show me your secrets... where do I sign up: Click Here


Ø Video #7:- Selling Your Imported Items II - The SFYW Method.

Like I wrote earlier, combining this method with method #1 might lead to what is known as "profit orgasm".

This method is fail proof... and can help you sell the hell out of whatever. Remember my friend who sold over 90 pieces of enlargement device.


Ø Video #8:- Cash on Delivery (CoD)

The truth is, you'd lose a lot of customers if you're not offering cash on delivery option in your importation business. Cash on deliveries raise customers’ confidence and shoots your profit margin by over 500%.

I remember the first time I wanted to sign a CoD services agreement with DHL, they asked for N350,000… but today, I work with 3 companies that do it better than DHL even.

In this video, I link you up with these 3 solid companies that will help you deliver your goods to your customer where ever they are, collect your money for you and pay into your account within 48hrs.


Ø Video #9:- A Way Out for non-Lagosians, who want to Sell on Konga & Jumia

Once you have a peep on this secret alone, you might want to send me extra money to appreciate me for the jaw dropping information on this video alone.


Ø Video #10:- Summary and the first baby step…

In this video, we summarize everything so far... and challenge you on the best way to start immediately.

The 100 slots are filling up real fast… Click here to get in NOW!


BUT that is not all!

For the first 100 people to get in, I want to give you as much as I possibly can in order for you to see some real success which is why I’m ALSO going to be including this AMAZING bonuses.



Unrestricted Access –
Access to my 'Importers With A Difference' VIP Group (come in and See for yourself)

With this bonus, you’ll get access to my underground secret mastermind group where members pull resources together and bulk order item at cheap prices.

Meaning, for an item you can get on your own at say $8, we may end up getting it for $3… because we’re buying in bulk.

Access to this group alone costs N15,000, but once you grab your copy of the MIBM, you get in for FREE.




“If You’re One Of The Few That Decides To Change How Mini Importation Business Works For Them, Then You Can Forget About Buying Any of Those Shitty Ebooks, or Magic Wand Ever Again..."


Yes, I’m really doing it.

Sorry mini import e-book sellers out there!


I’m raising the bar in the importation industry, and making it possible for people to make money FASTER and EASIER.

After all, I’ve helped a lot of people make a ‘full time’ income online with just my mini importation resources.


... And if people from all over the world are succeeding online just by reading my other mini importation materials...

Can you imagine what would happen if you got my full attention and I actually almost did the work for you?


Here’s What To Do Next...

 If you’re serious...

(and since you’ve proven to be),

I’m willing to invest my personal time with you and offer you a complimentary strategy session on my dime.

I’ve charged up to N150,000 a day when consulting with people on the same strategies inside MIBM course;

…and I don’t usually reveal the whole thing, but this will be an exemption to the rule.


Here’s How This Works...

After you click on this link, you’ll be taken to a secure order section.

Go ahead and make payment using any of the two methods.

Once you‘re done, and your payment is confirmed, you’ll be redirected to a registration page that looks like this;

Fill in your details in the appropriate fields. Upon successfully validating your registration, you’ll be taken straight into the members-only area to watch/download the courses.


It's that easy!

Click here now, and let’s help realize your mini importation dream

Okay… still yet to decide?

Watch a Recent Real Live Case Study That Involved My Wife, in Action Recently.

Bet, my wifely doesn’t know half of what you probably know about mini importation business.

Didn’t want my house to smell and radiate ONLY mini importation, so didn’t let her into all the secret J

But with the little idea she has, she was able to notice a product that will be hot in demand.

(Cupcakes… once you follow ideas on video 2 of the MIBM course - How to spot high in demand products that sell like garri)


She came up with this product:

It’s a lady beauty product – hair curler.

She looked around, and discovered that the few people selling the product at that time (about 2 of them) sell between N2,000 – N4,000 


On Kaymu…



And on Konga;


Who doesn’t know about Aliexpress? Even my dog does!

Immediately, she saw the same product at Aliexpress, selling for $4.4/piece and wanted to buy it.

Yes, she knows how to. Again, who doesn’t?


That’s like N880, assuming dollar rate was as high as N200/$ then.

Even if she buys at that price, she’ll still make some whooping profit selling between N2,000 – N4,000

If she sells for N2,000, she’ll be making a profit of N1,120 on each right?


However, We Got a Better Deal

Fortunately, she has the “Grand Commander of Mini Import Business” as a husband… so she called my attention to it… and I immediately searched for the product on one of the other 3 portals I talked about earlier;


BOOM… I got this…


Here’s the conversion;


Remember, we got it for N880 on the almighty Aliexpress, and only N32 on one of the 3 rarely known portals.

Difference = N880 – N32 = N842 saved!


Now, would you still wonder why some smart folks decide to sell for N1,300?


Within 5 days of putting up the deal on Dealdey, sold over N585 pieces.


Let’s work out her expenses

Dealdey’s commission = N65 (5%)

Cost of shipping the item from China to Lagos = N200/each

That brings total expenses to = N265 on each.

Therefore, for every of the product sold, there's a profit of N1,003 (N1,300 – N265)


Net Profit = N588,761 (N1,003 x 587)

And that’s from just 587 out of the 700 pieces.

113 pieces still remaining, remember!

Seems simple right?


Now Let Me Tell You Why You Haven’t Heard Nor Thought About These New Strategies Yet…

You haven’t … simply because you’ve bought into the lies and allowed this fly by night gurus feed you with garbage… thereby blocking you from accessing great information around.

Can one give what he has not?


At the end, they either sell you an ebook that’s not even theirs, or they concoct some nonsense together in the name of an ebook and force down your throat.

As I type this, a lady just called me from PH to ask me questions about what he read from my guide he bought from one of these guys who claims to show you how to import (fake) Samsung galaxy phones for N5,000 from some shitty Chinese sites.


She claimed she saw my name as the author of the guide, and wanted to ask few questions.

So I asked where she got the book from.

My instincts were right.

She bought it from one of these guys who make the loudest noise online about mini importation business.

The truth is, most of these guys have never imported a needle in their entire life.

They address themselves by all sorts of names… professor this, king that, bishop this.



The strategies in the MIBM are definitely not for you… if you think you cannot do away with these fakes… and not ready to take up what I’ll show you inside the MIBM course, and run fast with it (Read that again)


On the other hand, if you’re the sort of who is willing to…


Take a Proven System and Put It to Work in the next 72 hours
or Less, Then This is For You.


This is why I want to make it super easy for YOU (and the next 99 persons) to get access to the Mini Importation Business Manifesto course;

By asking you to pay the launch discount price of;


(for the downloadable version of the course)

Want the DVD version you can play on your TV/PC, plus an additional $1,997 worth bonus? We'll get to that shortly...

Am I Going Crazy For Asking You to Invest This Low Amount?

No actually, my head is screwed on real tight.

The reason for asking you to pay ONLY N9,750 for a whole comprehensive video tutorial is because:

I just re-launched the product, and I thought I should allow another 100 persons get access, before the price increases to the planned original price of N15,000

When more of their success stories starts flowing in, I'll adorn this site with them, and then shoot the price up.


You Will Have No Excuse

At the re-launch price of ONLY N9,750 you cannot say the course is overpriced.

You cannot say it’s too expensive.

You cannot say Pat hates you and do not want you to benefit from this new game changer.

For now, it’s cheap and anyone can afford it.

So there you go.

No excuses!


Now, About Something Jumia, Konga Don't Want You to See

Even though the MIBM digital copy can be easily downloaded within 8 minutes, however some people prefer something physical.

...something they can receive in hard copy (DVD) via courier... and play on their TVs and laptops, not minding any additional cost.

If that's what you prefer, then I'll throw in more goodies for you.

You see, recently I bought a course online, titled "How You Can Build Your Importing Empire in 2015 – Risk-Free and FAST!"

This massive course put together by the guys behind StartUpBros is generally regarded as the mother of all importation courses.

It currently sell for sells... $1,997 (approx. N397,403), and I learnt there are plans to increase it to $4,997 pretty soon.

Like me, if you ever dream of having a thriving million dollar empire like Jumia, Konga etc in the near future, but don't have 20 million naira and above to hire foreign consultants, then this is it...

I didn't only cough out a whooping $1,997 (approx. N397,403) for this guide in March this year, but had to burn another over N17,000 on Smile Internet Service downloading the 15GB size videos.

(Google it to confirm)

So, altogether, I invested over N414,403 in this must have course.

No regrets!

Bottom line: It will amount to sheer wickedness asking anyone, especially if you're a subscriber of mine to go 'waste' your N414,403 on this course, when I already have it.

Hence, I've discussed with my video production guy... and here's what we'll do for you.

For N25,500 ONLY,

We will compact the 15GB course in a DVD for you, then add the MIBM course in another DVD making it two DVDs, and send you via courier company to where ever you are in Nigeria.

Fair enough!

However, of you think I'm not been fair, then feel free to get the digital copy of MIBM.


And Oh, Before I Forget! Your Satisfaction Is...


100% Guaranteed Or Your Money Back!

If after going through the full course, you do not think you can take what I show you and make 100 times your investment, simply let me know and I will offer you my sincere apologies for wasting your time and then give you a FULL refund!

So, it shall never be said that “Pat has joined all these gurus who chop peoples’ money” and run away.


My name is worth more than diamond.

It will be idiotic to mess up...

No.. not now that I've got a wonderful family;- an awesome daughter and a virtuous wifey;


Now …

Here’s How to Get Your Copy of The MIBM Course

N9,750 only

Click the payment button below to
Pay with your FasteCash Account or ATM Card.
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Will you like to pay directly into our bank account?
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Now, You Have a Decision to Make

To register right away and join me and few others taking advantage of these revolutionary strategies already;

… Or to close this page.

If you get access now, I assure you, it will be a wise choice because your life will change as a result.

If you decide to not join us, it will be stupid, but that’s still a choice.

The Choice Is Simple.

But I look forward to you making the right choice.


Sincerely yours,

Pat Ogidi

CEO, Netfame Marketing & Media,
Suite 78, Ogba Shopping Arcade, Ogba,
Ikeja Lagos

Have Questions?
Call me directly between 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Fridays ONLY on

+2348027097030, +2347066142229, +2348151318447 or +2349099905352.

: In case you’re tempted to put off getting your copy right now?

Well, that’s a choice! However, remember that once the next 100 slots are taken, two things happen;

The bonuses disappear; and the real price of N15,000 (for the downloadable version) and N35,500 (for the DVD) take immediate effect.

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Still reading?

Ok you probably have a few questions. Let me answer a few right now…

Q - How much capital do I need to start this business?

A - This is one of the most common question that usually come my way. The truth is, mini importation business is one of the few good business models where you set your rules.

In the MIBM course, we advised beginners concentrate on the inexpensive products that cost below $10, with over 300% profits. However, this doesn't mean you cannot scale, if need be.

Q - How do I receive the course?

A - To give you more than one options, we've produced the course in two forms.

The digital downloadable copy can be downloaded with any fair internet speed. This version costs only N9,750 (until the first 100 copies are sold)

There's also the DVD copy. When you order for this, you receive it via courier at your address. As an added bonus for this version, you also receive a $1,997 worth course titled: "How You Can Build Your Importing Empire in 2015 – Risk-Free and FAST!"

The DVD version costs only N25,500

Q - How do I reach you guys in case I run into hitches?

A - We're always accessible. Apart from the fact that you can always reach us using the contact details at the bottom of this website, we have also included a specialized email inside the download area.

Through this email, you should be sure we give you a first class support.

Click the button below, sign up and let's help you take your mini importation business to the next level.

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