Join Us for Visit and Inspection to MeritChoice Agric Villa

We have made Friday, 24th May, 2019 a day to visit and inspect MeritChoice Agric Villa (MAV) together.

Yes, we have been talking about the site that is loaded with exciting future of harmony and wealth. This is going to be a notable hub for agricbusiness. Still, it will be an abode full of harmony and peace. You don’t want to miss getting property in this particular site.

For those that will like to join us to visit the location, Friday is the day and you can go to the link below to register.

Here is the plan.

We are getting a coaster bus that will take us to the place. We will move from our office at Okota, Lagos to the site at Ihunbo in Ogun State. We are providing transportation, lunch and drinks for those visiting.

Just a token of N3,700.00 will take care of the logistics for anyone that wants to go with us. Please, we will like you to make your payment latest by Wednesday, 22nd May, 2019.

This will help our planning as we will need to pre-pay for all the services.

From our past experience, some people do come on the day of the trip with their money, please, I want you to know that this will not work for us. Don’t forget that there is number of people the bus can take and cooking arrangement would have also been done before we move early morning of the day.

It won’t be possible to meet up with such arrangement again on the same day or even a day to the trip.

So, please, register right away and kindly pay as soon as you get this message.

Here is the link again.

People are already purchasing their plots of lands. Don’t hesitate to make your payment too before we get sold out. It is a limited offer and supply. Don’t be left out.

Click the link below to get details of how to make the payment. Just N66,500.00. Make sure you are part of it.


Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

For: MeritChoice Limited

Our Customers’ Service Phone Contacts:

+234 802 709 7030

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