Kaduna Caregivers Awareness Seminar –Wed 8th, Abuja Camp Training 9th & 10th Feb. 2018

You know what? We are presently in northern part of the country still spreading the good news of love and care by bringing the awareness of this great caregivers’ profession and its opportunities closer to the people.

We had a great time last Saturday, 3rd Februrary, 2018 with the good people of Abuja. It was a lovely time as we took time to explain what caregivers’ job is all about and the opportunity it provides for people to travel and work abroad.

One of the reasons why we have engaged in nationwide awareness is because we noticed some misconception with the new idea. Some people think Ghalp Caregivers Academy (GCA) is a kind of traveling agency that is setup to help people to travel abroad. No, that is a misconception.

GCA is a school that is setup to train caregivers and help them get American Caregiver Association (ACA) certificates. The certificate shows that you have been trained and you know how to handle the job when you are employed for it.

We are also very fortunate to have an international caregivers’ recruiting agency that is willing to assist in employing about 2,800 students that are trained through GCA to work as caregivers in different facilities in USA by April 2018.

Some of these facilities are elderly homes where old people that need cares reside. The job of a caregiver is to assist and care for these people that don’t have much strength to help themselves.

Unfortunately, Nigerians have been bombarding ACA site, asking different kinds of questions, thinking it is ACA that is bringing those trained by GCA to America. Please, note that ACA is NOT a recruiting agent but the highest

authority in United States that certify caregivers. This same certificate enables anyone that is trained through GCA to have opportunity to work in USA or in any other countries of the world.

The recruiting agency that GCA is working with is different, so, please, it will be unnecessary to ask question about recruitment or traveling to work in USA from ACA as that is not part of their duties. ACA authorized GCA to train students in West Africa for ACA certifications using American standard and we want people to understand all these.

That is one of the reasons we have been going round the country, taken time to explain to people the objective of GCA, the ACA certifications and also the opportunity to work abroad after you are certified and fulfill all the necessary requirements.

We have also been clarifying one serious issue that people are raising about human trafficking. Having heard about the number of people that may be traveling by April 2018 to work in America, a lot of people started speculating wrong ideas in their minds, thinking this may be a form of human trafficking due to recent occurrence in Africa and Nigeria as per the people that are trying to get to other advance countries illegally, looking for greener pasture.

It will interest you to know that, Dr. David Olalekan, the President of GCA, works closely with the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking In Person (NAPTIP) and he has assisted to bring some Nigerians that are stranded in UAE back to Nigeria through NAPTIP. GCA cannot and will never be involved in such a devilish act.

That is why we said knowledge is power. At the awareness seminar, you will be exposed to what you need to know about traveling out genuinely to work as caregiver without any form of illegality, harrassement or getting stuck with any form of abuse or slavery.

This is another reason why the goodnews will be heard loud and clear again this Wednesday, 7th, February, 2018 at Kaduna State. The venue is BIPC Guest House, a.k.a Benue Guest House, #17, Katuru Road, Ungwan Sarki Kaduna.

If you are in Kaduna or northern part of the counry, make sure you join us on that day by 10am. It will be another great time.

Click here link to register.

We will also be at Lagos again on Thursday, 8th February, 2018 for another awareness seminar. In case you miss the previous ones, don’t miss this one as it may be the last one we will have in Lagos this month of February.

Then, our train will move to Ibadan on Friday, 9th February, 2018 for another awareness seminar at the ancient city. The last one we did at Ibadan was also great and we are not expecting any thing less than superb this time around. Please, don’t miss it.

The last awareness for this week will be at Ilorin, 10th February, 2018. You don’t want to miss this if you are in Kwara State, Kogi State or neighboring states.

Make sure you register for the free seminars, get the venue and other information by clicking the link below:

Don’t miss this

While we will be in different cities creating awareness about caregivers’ opportunity, GCA trainers will be live at Abuja, dishing out the real meat of being a professional caregiver. If you are in Abuja or northern part of the country, this is a certification course you don’t want to miss.

It is a comprehensive training that will not only give you an international career but that will help you to know how to properly care for people, your family and even yourself. It is your first step to start getting world wide opportunity to show love and care to people.

If you have paid for the National Caregiver Certification Course (NCCC) and Abuja is your nearest training camp, make sure you are there on the day.

GCA really loves the idea of partnership. The academy wants to work with as many people as possible as there have been a lot of requests for that. But we are presently coming up with a comprehensive plan as per the partnership.

There is a plan to host all those that are interested to be our partners and explain how the programme will work. There is always misconception especially when something is new as we are already having some individuals misrepresentling the academy. We won’t want to run into problem of clearing some mess afterwards. We want to make sure we get it right from the beginning.

We will therefore communicate through this medium to invite those that are interested in being partners with GCA to have meeting with us in some few weeks from now.



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