Launching of Loan Mentorship Forum Plus Hot 4 Streams of Income – Wednesday 16th Jan. 2019

Where will you be this Wednesday, 16th January, 2019?

Will you probably be at work or still enjoying the New Year? Anyway, something big is going to happen this coming Wednesday and I want you to be part of it. I am sending you this mail now so that you can plan towards it.

It’s not going to be a big event with lot of food and merriment but it is going to be a big shift in financial empowerment for those that will be present on that day. So, what is going to happen?

On the day, we shall be repeating our Loan Without Collateral Seminar for the benefit of those that have not participated before. But it is coming up with a new dimension this time around. Of course, we shall be talking about the #90DaysToMillion Plan which is getting a lot of people excited already.

But we shall be having another speaker on that day who will be talking to us about another great opportunity. He will be talking about energy around all these modern technology that we are using. The positive and negative effect they are having on us. But as you might have known, I am less concern about theory. I want to know what benefit such information can have on me especially financially.

Now, that information is bringing us another powerful income opportunity. There is this new technology that has to do with energy around us and I can tell you that this will soon flood the market just like we have mobile phones and its accessories. But before it does, you should be available to know how you can make your millions from this idea.

That is one of the training we shall be having on that day. It’s a fresh idea you can tap into.

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In case you can make it down for physical seminar, also know that we now have online version of the training. We shall also update the online training with the latest information.

But the highlight of the day will be the launching of Loan Mentorship Forum. You know, Jumoke Amoo gets loan every time as if it is biscuit. What she wants to do now through the loan mentorship forum is to keep showing the trained students the loan she is applying for and how they too can get the same.

This Wednesday, at the launching of the Loan Mentorship Forum, she will be giving two loan opportunities that are currently available. She will tell the participants the requirements and how they can get it within 3 to 5 days after meeting all the requirements. Still, they are loans without collateral.

But the forum is not just a one time thing. It will be for a year. It means, you will be getting to know every other available loan on the forum. We are creating an online forum for people that cannot come physically to be able to participate too.

The moneylender of one of the loans she will be talking about is willing to borrow people about N50,000.00 to N100,000.00 whereby the second moneylender is ready to give loan as much as N5million to an individuals. Still, collateral is not needed for any of the two but there is a secret to it. It is the secret that Jumoke Amoo will be exposing on that day.

Here is the catch. The forum is not going to be free. But there will be general section where she will expose you to loan opportunity and how she does it. But for those that wants to leverage on the network and links that she has already with getting loans, those that the people that are expected to join the Loan Mentorship Forum.

The fee is N10,500.00 but for those that pay on or before that day, they will be able to join the forum for just N5,500.00 for a year.

The information she will be sharing is never going to be for general public. They are going to be exclusive for members because it is based on connections she has with people that can help you process the loan you need as fast as possible.

You can prepay for all the seminar of the day, which is just N1,500.00 if you pay before seminar day and N2,500.00 if you pay on the seminar day. After Then, you may decide to participate in the forum. You should just have it in mind that it will cost N5,500.00 to be part of it.

So, click now to register


Yeah, we are resuming class for the digital marketing which is known as MeritChoice Mastermind Class (MEMAC) this coming Tuesday, 15th January, 2019 at White House, Okota, Lagos. The training we shall be having on Tuesday is “How To Create Sales-Boosting and Attractive Capture Page”.

As you know that the secret of this online business is ability to build a list and to do that, you need to be able to create your own capture page or what is otherwise known as squeeze page, opt-in page or landing page.

I have been creating some beautiful capture pages lately and a lot of people have been asking me how I do it. At the class, I will show the secret, the plugin that I use and how you can just drag and drop to have those amazing opt-in pages. Just check out the opt-in page we are using for the Wednesday seminar, you will be able to create similar page after the training.

For none MEMAC students of MEMAC that still want to attend the session, it is N5,500.00 for the class. The class starts by 10am till 3pm.


You definitely have been reading from me about beekeeping and honey production, the only naturally automated agribusiness. We started this business last year and now, it is time for us to reap from our investment.

Therefore, we shall be harvesting some honey that has been produced by these our employed bees workers at MeritChoice Agric Villa this month. The bees have really been working hard for us and the good news is that we are not paying them a dime for the job.

We supposed to visit the farm on 18th January, 2019 but since we shall be harvesting, we want those that will be attending to get their beesuit. Therefore, we are extending the days so that we can sew the beesuit for interested participants and members.

If you are interested in going, kindly call our customers care number for the information on how to be part of the trip and how to get your own beesuit. You can call: +234 802 709 7030

It is definitely going to be a lot of fun.

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola
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