Learn How to Save 60%-70% of Your Money Using Cooking Gas to Power Your Generator


Tell me, who does not use generator in Nigeria?

It’s now our trademark as the national electricity service is in its comatose state. From businesses to domestic, we burn petrol and diesel every day. Invariably, we are not only burning fuel, we have all been burning a chunk of our income. The recent hike price of petrol just killed the whole thing. We are now paying almost twice the previous amount for the same quantity of petrol.

This was the unpalatable spark for me. I started looking for a way out. My first discovery was to know that I can use cooking gas instead of petrol. I was still thinking how possible it could be and how risky it would be to use cooking gas when I discovered I could even generate my own gas without buying the refined liquefied petroleum gas.

Without prolonging the matter, we decided to save money even at the period when every other thing has jumped up in term of price.We have started using cooking gas at my home and office to run our generators instead of petrol.

gas_generator_-homeHere is the picture of our generator using cooking gas at home. If you look closely at the gas cylinder, you will see that some part of the cylinder is wet. The cylinder forms cool moisture around it and the moisture also indicates the level of gas in the cylinder as it is been used. People are often afraid that it can explode or catch fire that is not possible. The gas environment is even cooler than the petrol container of your generator.

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