Let Us Make At Least One Million Naira Monthly Together

First of all, I want to thank those that used our BTC/Naira exchange site at https://meritxtra.com. I have got a lot of appreciation for innovation and what can I say? You, as a member of our community, are the source of our inspiration. We are happy to provide easy solutions and this is the best solution that resolves the nightmare of a lot of people about cryptocurrency after the apex bank, CBN. banned crypto.

Seriously, we can’t do without crypto again. If someone tries to ban us, we have to get a way to “unban” ourselves. So, MeritXtra.com provides the tweak and you don’t even need to talk to anybody before your money gets paid to you. Nobody and no banker know about your transaction. It is only you and your phone or laptop.

So, I encourage you, visit the site today at https://meritxtra.com and exchange your BTC for naira by simply taking a few steps as stated on the site, then relax and see your money hit your bank account with no hassle.

let’s have a serious talk about how we can work together to ensure you are making at least an extra one million every month. I am sure that won’t be a bad amount of income to be added to your existing income, right?

What I simply want to do is to work with you for us to achieve that. At the same time, you must also be ready to work with me too. What we will be doing is to engage the system that I want to start referring to as the Passive & Active Income System (PAIS). So, I will be using the short form PAIS to represent it.

I’ve actually been talking to you about PAIS. Few people know about the system now because I have been writing to you about it. I told you how it has been making me money and I intend to start making 50,000USD from it monthly and that is about N25 million naira, though it is a tall dream but, it is doable and I will soon show you my result.

My intention is to show all those that join me in operating PAIS to start making about one million naira monthly from the program. That is also the reason why I am starting the physical training which will come up in Ibadan on Monday 22nd March 2021 and Wednesday 24th March 2021.

We will be having online training too. I think whatever we do to make good and legit money is worth it. Even if you have to travel to a far place to learn about it. People travel out of the country, spend a lot of money on flight tickets and hotels to learn and get better. If you really want to make this year count, you should be ready to do what it takes to start living the lifestyle you so much desire.

Even before coming for the live training, I will like you to check out the details of the PAIS online. I took the time to explain the real program with videos. Click the weblink below for details.


You will also see my video where I show my backoffice account of how I earned over 2000USD that is over a million naira within 30days.

Making a million naira monthly is easy if you have a system like PAIS that can give you an opportunity to do that. Secondly, if you get your strategy right, then, it will become cheap for you. So, let’s get started together because this could be the financial freedom you have been looking for.

Finally, I want you to do what it takes to be available for the live training. I will be giving you some smart ideas of what you can do to make this worthwhile. Below is the training detail:

TOPIC: How To Make 100USD Daily With The Best Online Income Opportunity

DATE-1: Monday 22nd March 2021

DATE-2: Wednesday 24th March 2021

TIME: 10am – 12pm [for non participants of the program]

12pm – 2pm [for existing participants of the program]

Jesus Cares Church Hall,
28, Olabo Street, Oke-Itunu (Near Army Barrack),
Mokola, Ibadan, Oyo State.


Note, I may soon start charging a fee for the live training. You can take advantage of the tuition-free training now.

Will you like to call or chat with us? Then, get in touch with this number +2348027097030

Make sure you go online, register, watch videos, join our telegram and be part of PAIS immediately. No time to even check the time. Click the link below:




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