Let’s Get Back To Farm As We Keep Investing In Crypto

It’s been a very long while since I wrote about farming.

Crypto has been of darling interest to me. I love the simplicity of sitting behind my computer and squeezing out some cash. But I still retain my first love for farming.

A lot of new people that didn’t know me between 2015 and 2017 won’t know that I fell in love with agriculture during these years as I also encouraged others to join me and invest in the green industry.

I must confess that we met some challenges then because we were new in the field. But I am still very much convinced that agriculture works. My inspiration to finally delve into agriculture was when I went to Songhai farm in Benin Republic in 2015. I was wowed with what I saw being done with agriculture.

I realised that the highest percentage of our lives as human beings is designed around agriculture. For us to survive as human beings, we need food, shelter and clothing. Those are the three basics of life, when you check that out, you will discover that agriculture provides those needs perfectly.

Also, agriculture has the ability to provide us cash, regularly, just like crypto is doing.

I noticed two people in agribusiness. Those that are very successful and those that failed woefully. I decided to pursue the successful ones to understand the secret of agribusiness. I recently met with an agronomist and within 20 minutes of listening to him, I realised what caused our previous mistakes. Currently, I am getting real experts on board and I am certain we are making it big in agriculture this time around.

Now, I have so much confidence that we can’t fail again.

But don’t forget, if you have been with me, we were not only talking about farming, we were actually talking about integrated farming with Real Estate.

If you bought land at MeritChoice Agric Villa for Real Estate and Agriculture purposes, the time for the full development of your vision has come. So, get set for real action. Starting from January 2022, we shall start some farming and development of our properties.

Therefore, never fail to check this space for further information on activities that we shall be embarking on.

We shall be planting cassava and maize next year and we are starting the preparation now. We shall also be allocating land for those that are interested in developing their houses by next year.

While we shall be doing this, we will keep investing in crypto because it retains its huge potential whether you bought a profitable coin for a short time or a long term purpose.

Don’t forget that you can actually get paid directly into your bank account by selling your crypto coin at https://meritxtra.com. Within 15 minutes, you will get paid. No time for a story. Try it today if you have not.

I also told you in my last message about My Little But Mighty Trading Secret, the online tool that makes me trade more efficiently.

Do you remember that? Check the message out here: https://bit.ly/becryptwth

I just realised that I got the link wrong. Sorry about that. Though I have corrected it online but below is the correct link:


3Commas also gives you a free daily signal. I will give you more details soon. Keep on the watch. You can’t afford to trade without the tool.


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