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The first assurance we want to give you here is that there are loans from various corporate moneylenders that you can have access to and you may not need collateral or even guarantor to access some of the loans we will be discussing and sharing with you.

Our main assignment is to show you and guide you to get the loan you want by helping you to beat the technicalities that often made most people to give up on getting loans.

Benefits of Being A Member of Loan Mentorship Forum

  • You will get exposed to various loans that are available in Nigeria
  • You will be given guidelines on how to access, apply and get different available loans
  • We will tell you some of the loans our members am currently servicing and how you too can access the same loans, if you are interested
  • We will show you the strategies to escape all the technical hurdles that financial institutions and moneylenders often set to disapprove borrowers
  • We will work together and ensure you qualify for the loan of your desire
  • We will give you repayment plan and strategy to ensure you are pay up on time and build a clean credit history and rating

Based on our plan to constantly be in touch with you,  guide you and train you on how to use loan for your positive benefit, we are having an annual membership fee of 12,500.00. But today, you are fortunately to have some good discount.

With just ₦10,500.00, you will be able to access and participate in the Loan Mentorship Forum for the next one year.

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