How To Make Money Weekly From Seminar Without Organizing One

DSC03012Will you believe it if I tell you that you can be making constant and consistent money every week from seminar without ever organizing one by yourself?

In fact, you don’t need to be a speaker or facilitator of the training for you to earn good and mouth watering weekly income from seminars.

You may be thinking if this is not another scam or a joke.

Of course it sounds absurd because it is unheard of till now. The first question that comes to anybody mind is how will the organizer be able to give money to anyone that is not part of the seminar’s administration, organization or co-ordination?

Another thing you may want to think of is the investment and hard work that go into organizing a seminar. Should we talk about publicity and creating awareness for the seminar? Seminar organizers spend so much promoting their training on television, radio, internet, flyers and other possible means to get people to attend the event.

Then, they rent hall, chairs, pay for projector and screen if they don’t have one. Get standby generator and fuel it because electricity is not always reliable here. They have to pay staff like ushers and customer services personnel that help in registration and making things to work.

And of course, if the organizer is not the seminar speaker, he or she must be ready to pay the speaker too at the end of the day.

With all these expenses incurred in organizing a seminar, nobody with business sense will ever imagine that someone in his or her right mindset will be willing to share his or her profit with anybody after organizing a seminar.

I discussed with a friend about our idea of paying people some cash from what we make from our seminar, the first thing he asked is if the money is meant for charity. I said no. Then, I told him that he too can get paid from what we are doing.

After wondering for a while how on earth that will be possible if he is not part of the seminar organizing team, then, his next question was, “what am I expected to do then?”

I said, “That was a smart question to ask”.

You see, the highest percentage of money spent to organize seminar is on publicity because you need people to attend the training. If you don’t have seminar participants and you have paid for hall, invited speaker, rented projector, got seats, hired generator and bought fuel, paid for some hall decoration and then on seminar day nobody shows up, how devastating will that be to the organizer?

To avoid that, seminar organizers often have their biggest budget on advertising and creating awareness for their training programme.

What we simply want to do is to share the money that is often budgeted for advertisement and publicity with you. Instead of giving it out to big corporate organization, you can take that share and start making profit from that.

I hope you are not scared and thinking, “how will I be able to get people for you? Will I now invest my money into publicity for you?” No, no, no!

Here is what you want to do.

We will give you a web link which you can post on your social media site like Faceook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instragram and through email, forum and other legal means without spamming anybody to invite people to attend our seminars.
You see, our generation is different and blessed. Social media have turned things around for us and individuals are now having more media power and influence than some big corporate advertising companies now.
You can see a young lady or guy owning a free blog and command so much respect from advertisers. And some of the young people are having so much control on social media like twitter, Facebook, Instragram and other media to the extent of them monetizing the platform for financial benefit.
Fortunately, all the platforms and tools that are needed to get people to respond to you and be part of great training programs like ours are free and you too can simply take advantage of the platforms, that is, if you have not started already.
Since you are using these platforms or the tools, we are going to be leveraging with you so that you can help us reach your own circle of influence on social media, forum and through other means. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a platform now because you can start one right away and build a strong community online.

If you have knowledge about internet marketing and understand affiliate marketing program, this should be “bread and butter” for you because you can easily get started and get good number of people to attend our seminar.

Your work is actually simple, just share your affiliate link with some convincing ad copies which we will give you and anytime the person you invited visit our website via your link and register, it is recorded in the database that you are the one that referred the person.

Anytime the person makes payment whether online or physically at our training venue, you will be given the commission of being the referrer.


You know what?

We organize seminar every week, precisely on Wednesday. The seminar is often free but we sell training material which may be within N1,000.00 to N2,000.00. Presently, we are regularly holding a training on “How To Make N50,000 Weekly From Your Facebook Account on Autopilot” and believe me honestly, this seminar attracts a lot of people. Click the link here to read more about the training.

If you promote this seminar, you will have potential of making about 33% of the money from the training materials just for referring people to us. Isn’t that interesting? That is about 500 on N1,500 that is currently being paid for the Wednesday’s training material. That is just a small way to say thank you for sending the people across our way.

I believe the people will be thankful to you too because they will definitely gain something helpful that can positively impact their finances.

Apart from the Wednesday training, we have some other training coming up soon and you can also benefit by referring people to attend the training.

For you to promote the weekly FB training, you need to get the link. Here is the link to the site:

You need to have account to be able to promote our products and seminars. To do that, you will need to open a FasteCash account which is free. Click here to open one if you don’t have any yet.

Then, you will need to add this parameter to the URL:

/?ref=[[FasteCash Username]]

where [[FasteCash Username]] is your FasteCash username. For example if my FasteCash username is “bubblegreat” the URL will look like this:

Anybody that clicks through the link to visit the site will be recorded under you as your referral. Any time he makes the payment via online, bank or cash, we will grab the record and ensure you are paid.
You can start right away. Nothing should stop you.

You can start making money from seminar from next week Wednesday training without incurring any cost. What an easy way to start making money. Start NOW!

I will like you to click here to learn more about MeritChoice Affiliate program.


About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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