Make Money Writing Articles From The Comfort of Your Home Now

Make Money Writing ArticlesHow lovely will it be for you to write what you are passionate about and get paid for doing so?
Honestly, it is not hard to write. If you have been online for sometime, it is likely that you must have written something, may be on facebook, twitter or other social networking media.

If you have a blog, then you must be a writer already because that is the major way of communicating with your blog visitors.

You may not have written a long article for online post before, but if you enjoy writing, then you are definitely a good candidate for this opportunity. If you have the feeling that you can write, at least you got good grade in English while you were in school, then you too can be part of the opportunity by learning a little bit more on how to write great article that people will be desperate to read.

It will also interest you to know that this opportunity is designed for you as a Nigerian. You make your money directly here in Naira and so, you won’t need to bother on how to withdraw your money from foreign account. Your money is paid into your FasteCash account immediately the job is delivered and you can withdraw it into your bank account.

Depending on your ability, you should be able to make from N80,000 to N120,000 on monthly basis even if you can only work on part-time. That’s what some corporate guys and gals make working their butts from morning till evening, every week of the month and throughout the year while enduring a lot of work challenges, coping with sadist and saucy bosses.

Something may tickle your mind and you may wonder where is that huge money coming from? Just from writing articles? Who is giving the job? Is article so much important that an individual can make so much from it on monthly basis? Yeah, I could feel your pulse right away and I will give you answer to what may be your heart’s worries.

If you’ve ever been online, you might have seen this statement: “Content is King”. Oh yes, that is 100% correct. You are currently on this web page because there is something here, a sort of information for you to read. Billions of people all over the world flock the internet for nothing than information provided by the content written by someone like me and you.

If there is nothing to see online, if there is no content, then the popularity of Internet might have dimmed and another innovative technology might have taken over but content has been the strength of this great technology and as much as there is information which is needed from America to England, from Turkey to Cambodia, from Russia to Austrialia, then, you will always have human beings online.

Your part as an article writer is to provide the information that someone or some group of people need and see your pocket swelling up with cash.

Project Blog for Profit
In the next two weeks, our team will be rolling out a powerful project we tagged, “Project Blog for Profit”. The idea behind this is to see more people contributing genuinely to the content on the Internet while they also make profit in term of cash as they make their contributions. We hope to help individuals get their blogs out there with full monetization plan. Do you know you can simply make money by writing and without selling anything?

Already as you are reading this, we have some few blogs out there that are making us passive income every day. How interesting will it be for you to discover that you can make $100, $200, $500 or $1000 monthly without struggling to do that? I mean you only do little or nothing to see the money coming in with your little investment. That is passive income, it works on it own. That’s our idea.

Our intention is to provide full monetized blogs for good numbers of people in the next few months. The blogs will only be for those that are genuinely interested in online passive income. They have few cash to invest for that and they may decide to continue with the management of the blog or get someone to assist them. We will provide initial articles for the blogs and they may also contact us again for more articles and that is where the works of article writers come in.

Article Writers Urgently Needed
Initially, we want to launch the Project Blog for Profit first, but we realised that we need at least 5 articles for each blog we are creating. You can imagine if we have 100 blogs to create, it simply means, we will need about 500 articles for that. And we don’t want duplicated, spinned or PLR articles that have been seen already by people online. We want unique and original articles that are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly.

Each article to be written will be paid for by the blogger. Apart from the initial 5 articles, some of the bloggers will still need more articles to keep their website active and that simply means more job for you as an article writer. If you have the necessary writing skill, you can make at least, N4,000 (Four thousand naira) per day writing articles. If you only work for 20 days in a month, that is about N80,000.00 (eighty thousand naira) per month.

The Skill Require As An Article Writer
What we need you to do is to write SEO articles.

What is SEO article? Articles that are Search Engine Optimization friendly. Those are the type of articles that get read online without the blogger struggling to get people to visit his or her website. When you write SEO article, it gets indexed fast on search engines and people can easily find out what you have written by just searching through the search engines.

The 90% of the information people search for often starts from the search engine like Google. So, if you write article that is not SEO based, your write up may end up at one hidden corner of the internet without anybody seeing it even if you have written the world best article ever.

If you have SEO knowledge already and you can write SEO article, I want to say a big congratulations to you because you’ve got a job now!

If you don’t have SEO knowledge, never be dismayed, we have a course that will show you what to do and how to become an SEO article expert. We will be launching the course online, so, you don’t need to travel to Lagos to attend the physical seminar, though we are also going to have the physical class training for those that are interested.

Case Study: The Search Engine Optimized Site & Article
We have one of our blogs that is currently making money per day since we have created it.

It is fully SEO based blog. The name of the blog is researched and each article on it is SEO based. It is barely two months old and it got indexed on Google in just about a week of optimizing it for search engine. The site is

It’s Alexa ranking started from 4,703,897 and dropped sharply to 2,353,312 in just a week. We understand some SEO and we are working to move it up the search engines as one of the top blogs with the keyword “work from home businesses”.

Now check out the articles on the site, it only have just 5 for now and they are all SEO articles;

Succeeding in Your Home Based Internet Business As A Mother
11 Tips For A Successful Home Based Business
Work At Home Ideas Revealed
How to Start A Network Marketing Business from Home
10 Ways to Make Quick Cash from Home

Do you know that people visit this site from every corner of the world? Whenever we checked the statistics of the traffic, sometimes you will see some strange countries names and you wonder how on earth will these people find your site if not for the good SEO work that has been done on the site and the articles.

This small blog, has enjoyed traffic mainly from United State, United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Indian, Greece, China, Combodia, Hong Kong, Luthania, Ireland, Turkey, Latvia, Malaysia and many more. Nothing more has been the reason for that great visit from different corners of the world than well targeted SEO articles written by our team members.

So, as an article writer, we are giving you opportunity to write powerful articles that will get visited and read from all over the world, help your client/customer blog become extremely successful, become famous as an expert article writer and smile to bank doing what you love to do best.

If this sounds interesting to you and you are willing to take up this great challenge of lifetime, then, you will need to give us your details in the form after this write up for us to start this workable partnership of storming the Internet with a big bang.

But I Will Like to Participate Though I Don’t Have The Skill
Never bother even if you don’t have the writing skill.

We have a course coming up for that which will be both online and offline as we have earlier said. The online will be for anyone that his or her work will not permit him or her to be present for the physical class. It will also be good for those that stay far away from Lagos, the location of the class seminar. You will acquire the necessary information needed to write SEO article through the course. You will also be privileged to earn a certification after the training. We will commence the training in few days from now and you can as well register in the form below if you are interested in the training too.

Meanwhile, we will be conducting a short test for those that said they can write SEO article. After the test, you may start to get writing job from us immediately. So, register right away in the form below and let’s start the innovative idea of making money writing articles from the comfort of your home right here in Nigeria.

Kindly enter your details below if you are interested in making money writing articles. Please, at the fields Can You Write SEO Articles? and Will You Like To Be Trained in Writing SEO Article? answer Yes or No as it may apply to you.




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