How To Make Over N50, 000 Monthly As An Event Planner

event planningMany people find it difficult planning and managing their own events due to lack of understanding of the processes and expertise involved. The whole steps required to organize your own event might be so time consuming and might eat deep into the time you should have spent on some other critical needs of the occasion involved.


Whatever events it might be; leisure, cultural, personal or organizational; it all demands being planned for. That is why you see the events management business gradually flourishing day by day. You might want to say you are multi-tasking and you can do it all yourself, but, don’t forget you are still human: that element of forgetting little details will definitely want to set in, hence, the need for event planners, effectively handling the whole process stress-free and in details for you.


As easy as it might want to sound to your hearing, event management is not as easy as the bulk of every occasion, whether small or big depends largely on it. It’s a lucrative business that can make you over N50,000 monthly, but in order to maximize all its potentials, and get paying clients for this service, you need to get the following right:-


1.) Determine the objectives of every event

This is the first key towards achieving a trusted event management company people will be ready to call for any occasion. You must at all times understand the objectives and aims of the event you are about to plan. You must be able to decide if the event you are planning for is leisure, personal, cultural or organizational event. This will help you to know the other steps that need to be taken. This will also involve making decisions on content of the event, the target audience and the budget of event owners.


2.) Assemble a team

You will need to assemble a team of passionate and ready to serve people who will assist in getting the objective of the event as listed in the first point above done. At the commencement of the business, you can be the supervisor of all activities involved to ensure all parts of the event are effectively managed and catered for. As you grow, you can decide on having more leaders from the core team to supervise each unit. The team should comprise of persons who are skilled in one area or the other, like, caterers, cooks, decoration designers etc. Each event will definitely vary from each other, so you as the leader must be prepared to understand and properly communicate the main purpose of the event to team members for them to be on the same page with you at all times as regards the event involved.


3.) Advertise your brand

Set out a key procedure for your event company advertising. Do you intend to advertise your it in the media (TV, radio, newspapers, magazines, banners, flyers)? Whichever you choose, you should go ahead and advertise with it. What this does to your event business is to create a general awareness for prospective clients to put the calls to you and you get to sealing more event deals that will fetch the money for you. Ensure you set out a monthly advertising budget as that will definitely keep bring a consistent inflow of clients for you.


Apply these points and in no time you will become a household event planning name that everyone will be yearning to have organize their events.

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