Making It Big On Fiverr As A Nigerian

fiver-cash-secret-adsOne of the most interesting things about internet business is that you can just do it at any time, at any place and anyhow. Seriously, that is true! I will explain. You are not constraint about time on Internet. You are not expected to resume or close at a particular time. Where you are working is not of anybody concern. It can be at your home, office, on the road, at beach side, anywhere whatsoever, the only concern is for you to deliver.

Yeah, you can do it anyhow! You don’t need to be formally dressed. You may be on your pajamas, slippers, boxers and if you like, you may refuse to brush your mouth or take your bath. The main concern with online business is for you to deliver the service or product you promise a customer or client.

It’s really exciting running your own online business as an individual but fiverr platform is like an icing sugar on Internet’s cake for those that are looking for easy, stress-less and fast way of making money online. In case you are just hearing about fiverr for the first time. Fiverr is an online platform where you can list product or service for just $5. You may feel like $5 is small money because that was how I felt the first time I discovered the platform.

I just shrugged and said, “I would rather purchase service here than sell any for meager price of $5”. I couldn’t figure out how many $5 services or products that will be provided before having substantial amount of money. I have a changed of mindset when I started seeing some young guys on system withdrawing $500, $700, $1000 etc within the space of weeks from their Fiverr account through the FasteCash system.

I was surprised and I started showing more interest to it. I listed some product and I waited endless to see an order. Behold, there was no single sale for more than 30 days and I was discouraged. I felt that the service was not effective. But then, there are proof from those young guys that are withdrawing money from PayPal. I eventually met one of the guys, Samuel who then revealed the secret of making it big on fiverr as a Nigerian to me. I implemented what he said, I couldn’t believe my eye when I got my first ever order on fiverr in less than 30 minutes of listing the product.

I shouted with excitement as I asked my wife to come and see my first fiverr order. It was as if I made something bigger than fiverr dollar. Of course, I have been making money online for years now, but I was surprised that the ideas the guy taught could work as fast as less than 30 minutes. He is just like a genius to me!

You see, as Nigerians, the odd is always against us. We are not able to do some things as other countries of the world may do it. I have read material on fiverr and also watched some video tutorial, but the information never worked for me. Samuel’s perspective of training was what a Nigerian needs to start making it big on fiverr. In fact, part of the odds that stands against us as Nigerians is the issue of PayPal and working with Samuel, we have provided that solution for several Nigerians now. Click here to know how you can get PayPal to collect your money.

Now, you have Nigeria solution to making money online. Everything you need to get started has been put together into a powerful video tutorial. There is no way you will watch the tutorial and you won’t hit fiverr to start providing your own service. This is a practical tutorial. It will be like you are watching over an expert’s shoulders showing all the secrets that you need to make it on fiverr.

Here are things you will learn from the video tutorial:

1.     How to create your Fiverr account

Yes, for you as a Nigerian, there is a way you should create the account for maximum result or else you will be struggling to make sales for months.

2.     How to setup your gigs on fiverr

Setting up your gigs is another aspect of the whole process that will determine if you will make sales or not. So, you will learn how to do that including what type of gigs you need to set up.

3.     How to promote your gigs for maximum sales results

Little effort in promoting your fiverr gigs can make a lot of difference to how much you make on fiverr. You may really not personally promote your gigs and still make sales but knowing how to use free tools and system to promote your gigs can be of great benefit and plus to your fiverr income.

4.     How to deliver your order after making sales.

You also need to know how to deliver your gigs. In fact, with the delivery strategy you are taught in this video, you will always get positive review from buyers and that will boost your sales on fiverr.

5.     Leveraging – Strategy that gives you more sales and more money

You are shown how to work less and gain more with this video. This will help you to make more money easily without actually struggling to get what you want to sell and without even doing it by yourself.

6.     Great Bonuses

There are bonus tutorials, tools and resources that will help you to get gigs you can set up and assist you to learn more and become expert in working on fiverr.

You really need to gain access to this training today. You don’t have to waste time at all.  See, we have conducted this training in the past for about N25,000.00, twenty five thousand naira only and we have great testimonies from the seminar attendees who are currently making it on fiverr. Click here to see the past training details.

This is your opportunity to make it on fiverr. Today, you have opportunity to go through the same fiverr training tutorial that the participants of the training used. You will be able to get this powerful resources for just N5,000.00. That is why you need to grab your copy now!

You can pay online using your account.


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Watch this testimonial video by some of the participants:


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After payment, you should have instant access to download the video tutorial. But if you like to have the CD, it can be shipped to you. You will need to add N3000 as the shipping cost. You will still have instant access to the download page before you get the delivery of your CD. This is good for those that have slow internet connection who may find it difficult to download the video tutorial. It will also be good for those that may like to conserve their internet connection bandwidth. Click the link below to order for the CD.


Click here for instructions on how to make payment for this service using

You can as well get the copy of the CD on any Wednesday of the week at 2nd Floor, Oadis Plaza CMD Road beside Caleb University, Opposite Former Ibadan-Lagos Express Toll Gate, Ketu, Lagos (Please note, it is Wednesday ONLY). Other helpful and training materials are always available too.

About Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola

Gbeminiyi Oluwabusola is a web developer, internet/information marketer, team leader and an entrepreneur. He is the MD/CEO of MeritChoice Limited. He is currently running an internet marketing programme on How Anyone Can Be Making ₦300k+ Monthly Online. Click here to learn more.
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