Many Will Regret For Neglecting This Opportunity – Don’t Be One of them

I perceived that something great is coming soon with the opportunity I have been promoted recently. Some of you know the program already especially if you have visited the link below where I Dear

give full detail of the opportunity in videos.

One of those things I said is that this opportunity will make you money every day even without you doing anything. Some people are really sceptical about this as some refer to it as Ponzi but they are really ignorant of what it is.

Someone sent a long email advising and warning me to quit as it is not a genuine opportunity. I laughed because the system which I referred to as the Passive Active Income System (PAIS) has not at any day, since I have joined, ceases to pay me. The fellow even concluded that I was just lucky.

But instead of me quitting and running away with my tail hidden between my legs like a scared dog, I am bold to even give you more details about the opportunity. In a few days from now, I will be educating you fully about this opportunity as I will remove the coded name I have been using and tell you what it is.

But why did I say many will regret neglecting this opportunity? What I am about saying is my own perception about the opportunity and you are also free to have your own opinion but I want you to have an open mind to check out my reasons.

You see, when bitcoin was launched, many people didn’t believe it would last. Today, bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are now enjoying worldwide acceptance, though, some are still sceptical about it, like the myopic Central Bank of Nigeria. Bitcoin didn’t enjoy so much love it is having now when it started.

They even said it was being used by terrorists. But as a matter of fact, the whole world knows now that they can’t break it. What the wise are doing now is to have a way to parley with the new reality of digital currencies because it has come to stay.

When I predicted around 2020 that bitcoin will hit 50,000USD someone told me on Facebook that I was dreaming and misleading people. Today, we could all see that bitcoin has finally gone beyond my prediction. Just start marking my word again today, bitcoin will soon hit 70,000USD. I could see it already from indicators.

This new opportunity that I have been referring to as PAIS is like no other. Don’t forget that it is only God that is failure-proof. That has been my regular statement, anything can happen in business or investment but we don’t run away from business or investing because it could fail or crash. It is only people with small mindsets that do that.

Business and investment are about speculation. If you trade forex and crypto, what you are doing is also speculation. The advantage we do have is the ability to check indicators that help us to know that the business or investment would likely end up in profit.

By my simple analysis, I see this opportunity I have been coding as PAIS lasting for a long time. I don’t know if it will exist forever like Coca Cola which has been in existence since 1892 but I can tell you that it won’t crash in 2021 and it could blaze through 2022 and beyond because the company already set a goal till 2024. So, what are the indicators that help me to give such assurance?

I will be giving you the details from tomorrow. Get glued as you follow me to discover more about the opportunity. But for now, if you want to make money without stress by allowing your money to make you more money, click the link below and ensure you become part of the opportunity immediately

What I can categorically tell you is that the company behind this opportunity is positioning itself for strong success and that is one great indicator that cannot be ignored. Stay tuned for more. .


Many people have been wowed with our bitcoin service. Several people that have used are still surprised about how they got their money in their bank account within 5 minutes of making the request online.

This system is really awesome and it is very unusual for you to get paid directly in your bank account within 5 to 10 minutes of selling your BTC. Someone was sceptical at first and tried it out with small money and after he saw the wonder of the system, he couldn’t hold his joy, he had to call back to appreciate the good work.

The next thing he did was to withdraw bulk money and just like his experience with the little money, he got the entire money into his bank account within 5 minutes.

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Please note that I am not responsible for the profit or loss you made on any external program, opportunity or service I promote through MeritChoice and MeritXtra platforms as the information I provide is only for educational purposes. As you will not share any profit you make with me in such programs that benefit you, my company and I will NOT share the loss with you if things go the other way.

If you are afraid of loss without understanding that business and investment have two sides of the coin of Profit and Loss, I will strongly advise that you stay out of business and investment and be content with your 8am – 5pm job. We DO NOT provide a refund for any opportunity, program or service that is not directly under the control of our company. You are expected to do your due diligence before starting a business or investing.


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