Marriage As God’s Production Factory

marriageINTRODUCTION: Good is the fact that marriage can be clearly understood from the perspective of factory life. A factory meant for production of certain material or article must have two or three engines coupled together to facilitate quick, complete and fine production that can be marketable anywhere.

THE MACHINE: Let us first look at the operational system in the factory and then liken it to marriage. The two engines coupled together are primarily designed for a specific purpose. In shape and structure, they are individually designed to match each other, for easy copula operation. This will furnish the desired purpose of the designer. What I am saying descriptively is : What ‘A’ needs to function effectively is supplied by ‘B’ and vice visa. This represents a clear picture of what marriage should be.

THE MARRIAGE : The man and the woman coupled together like the two engines, have  an eternal purpose to serve as ordained by the almighty God. Their in and out shape and structure had been designed to help one another to function effectively for fine production of what they have been designed to produce.

It must be noted here that all that will make the man to perform effectively is already packaged in the woman. And likewise, all that the woman also needs to perform her roll in the mandated production, is also packaged in the man. What it only requires is to stay coupled all the time.

NO COUPLING NO PRODUCTION: This is the fact that many couples are ignorant of and they keep labouring for years without success, all because they got dis-coupled along the line and time of production. It is just like one of the engines refusing to couple with the other, all because it feels it can operate alone without the other one. Yes, it can operate alone but cannot produce anything, because is not designed to produce alone. It also means that all the energy input either via petrol or electricity will be a waste. The wear and tear incurred during the lone ranging operation will be fruitless.

APPLICATION : The same is applicable in marriage. As long as one of the couple refuses harmony and feels he or she can do it ALONE, he or she will surely end up wasting himself or herself and even the entire family too. They cannot be productive in so many spheres.  God instituted marriage to make  man and not to mar him. He desired to make him productive physically, spiritually, socially materially and other wise.  Reflectively too, the non-productivity in the home front, is the cause of non-productivity in the nation. God says you cannot afford to be alone – Gen.2:18. When the home front fails definitely there will be the reflective failure in the nation.

CONCLUSION: God designed that you should produce, be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth. He then made marriage the sole machinery for this venture . It is now for you and me to couple together with our spouses for productivity. I therefore advise couples at whatever age of their marriage, to stay coupled for efficiency, effectiveness and productivity.


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